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Gulf International Bank (GIB) has announced the successful completion of its senior unsecured $ 500 million 5-year debut issue under its $ 4 billion Euro Medium Term Note Program.
MANAMA: Gulf International Bank (GIB) has successfully completed its senior unsecured $500 million five-year debut issue under its $4 billion Euro Medium Term Note Programme.
Gentile, PhD, of Iowa State University and lead author of the study published this week in the debut issue of APA's journal Psychology and Popular Media Culture.
The debut issue of Debbie Duhn's Take Root magazine will be available at Sundance Natural Foods, Eugene Backyard Farmer, Corsair Rose in Gateway Mall and other locations: www.
To celebrate the debut issue, we have a great competition for all you fashionistas out there.
Stuckey to forge new story ideas and concepts for the debut issue.
This service is to be quite demanded due to a debut issue of governmental Eurobonds nominated in rubles as well to Russian corporate issuers' settlements on ruble Eurobonds.
The selections span from September 18, 1851, the debut issue as The New York Daily Times to May 27, 2009, with the headline "Obama appoints Sotomayor.
In the debut issue of The Journal of Behavior Assessment and Intervention in Children (JBAIC), formerly the Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention, the manuscripts compiled fully reflect the mission and vision as outlined by the former Lead Editor, Mike Dorsey, Ph.
Gulf-based companies Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and the Dubai Shopping Festival Office (DSFO) are among the innovative companies featured in the debut issue.
After uleashing dark magic across five different fairytale worlds, in this debut issue, Grimm exits the latest fairy tale he's sinisterly transformed to be confronted with new worlds to conquer in the form of comic book universes.
They offer, in short, a perfect counterpoint to the anti-gun know-it-alls whom Friedlander lampooned in our debut issue.
But the editor of Frank, the Clinton School of Public Service's new twice-yearly magazine that featured Cowell for a story in its debut issue, says the famously cantankerous talent scout is actually, well, "extremely nice.
The debut issue features an interview with Funeral for A Friend guitarist Darran Smith and backstage reviews from The Full Ponty event.