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a program that helps in locating and correcting programming errors

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Debuggers are also software development tools used by programmers to both speed application development and to make sure applications are running correctly.
The Embarcadero SQL Debugger for the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database (ASE).
The modular approach of EST's SYSTEM349 allows users to begin development with a low-cost, entry-level target interface, and add industry-leading C and C++ tools and debuggers, as well as complete in- circuit emulation features," said Fred Stotz, manager, 68000 Tools Program.
Enhanced versions which incorporate additional third party tools such as performance profilers, additional numerical libraries, and parallel debuggers are under consideration.
Many debuggers currently on the market, including those bundled with the languages, are simply extensions of C debuggers to support C++," said Mansour Safai, Symantec's director of debugging tools.
End-To-End and Optimized Support--The entire Green Hills Software product family has been updated -- compiler, debugger, trace tools and hardware probes -- giving the developer an integrated, optimized solution to create, debug and analyze a VLE application.
Built from scratch, SAPIEN's integrated script debugger does not require the presence of the Miscrosoft Script Debugger to operate, unlike other products.
The HPC Software Developers Kits from Absoft include compilers, debuggers, math libraries, message-passing libraries (MPI) and numerous other tools that help developers quickly compile, debug, run, and optimize their high performance applications on clusters and HPC servers.
Etnus, the provider of the most advanced debugger on Linux and UNIX, today announced that TotalView is available for the IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer system.
Our royalty-free INTEGRITY RTOS, velOSity microkernel, compilers, MULTI and AdaMULTI integrated development environments and TimeMachine debugger offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications.
Debugging and Optional Automatic Debugger Generation out of
Debuggers derived from gdb have limited Fortran capabilities, vary between environments, and are not commercially supported, but Fx2 provides a single, consistent solution between platforms and compiler vendors regardless of environment.
This avoids the tedious and open-ended process of trial-and-error debugging required by previous generations of temporally challenged debuggers.
With advanced features absent in other debuggers, TotalView is unrivaled in its ability to help find bugs fast.
Support for many current third party compilers is among Etnus TotalView's advantages over other debuggers.