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the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity

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iii) The debt limit allocation mechanism for FIIs has been rationalized by allowing reinvestment facility to FIIs; reduction in utilisation period of debt limits and allowing to avail debt limits upto 90% without obtaining SEBI approval in case of long term infra bonds.
Critics such as Hevesi, also did not want to city to be able to use all the additional TEA money at once, and was against, the Mayor's Constitutional change plan, which would raise the debt limit by 50 percent.
Martin said Riordan is concerned about the city exceeding its debt limit, but was eager to find a way to finance the Van Nuys project, which would mean cutting costs on the downtown City Hall project.
I think we have a very serious challenge ahead of us as we try to find ways to fund the most basic city services while at the same time staying within prudent debt limits,'' said Councilman Mike Feuer, vice chairman of the council's Budget and Finance Committee.
UMS benefits from a conservative debt profile managed under state constitutional debt limits and augmented by general obligation bonds, which do not burden the balance sheet.
Lease purchase financing, and not general obligation bonding, is being undertaken because of legislative general obligation debt limits.
The Indian central bank has called for caution on foreign investor debt limits.