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United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)

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Debs declined to run for the Presidency in the 1916 election, and instead ran unsuccessfully for Congress.
Millennium Research Group's Drug-Eluting Balloons: Emerging Opportunities in Interventional Cardiology Treatments in Europe report provides information about current and future clinical applications for DEBs as well as physician perceptions of the various DEB brands.
An insider said: "By the third episode it becomes clear that Tony and Debs have started sleeping together and are an item.
nor its officers, principals, employees, or owners own options, rights, or warrants to purchase ASHW, BEBE, CACH, CBUK, COLM, DBRN, GES, OO, PERY, URGI, CHRS, DEBS, or CMRG.
Through service opportunities and social occasions, Sub Deb members gain valuable experience from volunteer work, learning about leadership responsibilities, and personal development.
This is the first time Debs has taken part in the Great North Run although she has taken part in other runs previously, including the London marathon and the Rome half marathon.
He explained that the bomb exploded this morning on the road of Kirkuk to Debs, targeted a protection oil police vehicle, wounding a policeman.
Debs, 27, said: "I was screaming to people for help but most of them just walked by.
EUGENE VICTOR DEBS was a socialist icon, a pioneer of 20th-century labor unionism, a five-time presidential candidate, and a firebrand who went to prison for publicly denouncing America's intervention in the First World War.
Those last words were quoted by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in writing the court's unanimous decision that Debs had violated the Espionage Act because his words, with draft-age youngsters in the crowd, "would obstruct the recruiting or enlistment service.
The two Debs are both in their late 30s and Denise's sister worked on cruise liners - just like the fictional Debs.
Daring Debs Telford was last night exposed as the Melrose rugby streaker - and she admitted: "I loved every minute.
Debs (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press 1995).
These attributes and the fun, colorful custom design of DEBs Wash Your Hands Children Dispenser will make sure that children learn and practice proper hand hygiene on a daily basis.