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These are "such as are contriv'd on Purpose to supply the Defect of a Debitor or Creditor, in all personal or real Accompts; seeing that no Accompt can alone consist of a Debitor without a Creditor, or vice versa".
CARPENTER, John (1632) A most excellent instruction for the exact and perfect keeping merchants bookes of accovnts, by vvay od debitor and creditor, after the Italian manner: most vsefull for all merchants, factors, and tradesman.
By issuing a bill of a exchange, a buyer (the debitor, in this context known as the drawee) can pay the seller (payee).
Donec tamen satisficat, Ecclesie adhuc debitor est, adhuc ligatus, nondum a debito future pene solutus.
First, banks negotiate the rate for the credit card debitor based upon experience.
53) `Non simpliciter est debitor <Deus> nisi bonitati suae, ut diligat eam; creaturis autem est debitor ex liberalitate qua, ut communicet eis quad natura sua exigit, ,quae exigentia in eis ponitur quoddam iustum, ,quasi secundarium obiectum illius iustitiae'; Ord.
Notebook, appendix a2 and a3, ao concept for a new erp system and the necessary interface creation of the project and implementation plan installation of the erp system installation of the modules: finances, creditor / debitor master data, hr, business intelligence and intranet with the desired functionalities acc.
A Profitable Treatyce called the Instrument or Boke to learne to knowe the good order of the kepyng of famouse reconynge called in Latyn, Dare and Habere, and in Englyshe, Debitor and Creditor.
Totusi, daca hotararea judecatoreasca certificata ca titlu executoriu european a incetat sa fie executorie, ca efect al admiterii caii de atac exercitate de debitor, ori sa suspendat sau limitat caracterul sau executoriu, se elibereaza un certificat care precizeaza suspendarea sau limitarea fortei executorii, pe baza de cerere adresata in orice moment instantei de origine, utilizand formularul tip prevazut in anexa IV (art.
Rp billion) Phases of debt Number of 50 biggest 21 biggest restructuring Debitor obligors(3) obligors(3) Initial negotiations 11,122 1,253 231 Standstill's Creditor's 244 0 0 agreement Advisory agreement 11,850 3,756 1,237 Due diligence 20,439 7,501 3,230 Restructuring negotiations 53,077 29,598 10.
1588), A Briefe linstruction and Mane how to Keepe Bookes of Accompts after the Order of Debitor and Creditor, & as well for Proper Accompts Partible, etc.
La remendada publicacion a la que se refiere es A Most Excellent Instrvction for the Exact and Perfect Keeping Merchants Bookes of Accovnts, by Way of Debitor and Creditor, After the Italian Manner.
WEDDINGTON, John (1567) A breffe instruction, and manner, how to kepe, marchantes bokes, of Accomptes, After the order of debitor and creditor.
After the order of Debitor and Creditor, as vvell for proper accomptes, partable, factory, and other & c.
The positive connotation is the contribution the results of privatisation would make to Indonesia's image as a good debitor, paying overseas debts according to schedule.