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Synonyms for invoice

Synonyms for invoice

a precise list of fees or charges

to present a statement of fees or charges to


Synonyms for invoice

send an bill to

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By adding a standard reason category to each debit memo, customers will receive consistent and specific information about why the debit memo was issued.
Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) have been highlighted as a major problem for travel agents in this region - is this a problem you face here in Qatar and how are you tackling this?
Manual ticket reissuing is such a lengthy and tedious process - it involves airline debit memos, 30 minute calls to the call centre, lengthy and expensive staff training.
One of the consistent challenges the industry has faced this past year have been debit memos issued to travel agencies by airlines for a practice known as "churning"--the repeated booking, cancelling, and rebooking of an itinerary.
Separate all documents by type: Automated tickets, e-tkts, exchanges, and voids Manual tickets, exchanges, and voids PTAs, exchanges, and voids MCOs, exchanges, and voids Tour Orders, exchanges, and voids Cash refunds and exchanges with refund Credit card refunds and exchanges with refund Debit memos, Recall Commission Statements, Credit memo, and AADs 2.
From an agency perspective, standardizing the reasons why memos are issued will be of great value," said Shannon Keever, debit memo reconciliation manager at Altour.
If applicable, any credit and debit memos and journal entries closed by this application would be included.
A Qatar travel agent who is shackled with a massive US $6,000 debt to British Airways for an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) has called on the airline to reverse the penalty which he claims is 'entirely unjustified'.
9 million, stemming from a debit memo under POPDFI for the same exact amount.
There are external summary reports to be made, like the ones for bank debit memo and remittances for government agencies," he said.
For Digital, this whole debit memo game is volume and velocity and you have got to do it faster and better than your competition.