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a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account

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Most debit cards offer exclusive deals and treats for shopping, dining, travel and more.
We also accept debit cards when they follow the same standard as a Visa Electron debit card by having the same number range as a Visa credit card and a three digit security number on the back of the card.
Debit cards allow you to spend only what is in your bank account.
It's the newest prepaid debit card on the market, being offered to an estimated 70 million to 100 million credit-challenged consumers in the U.
With many underserved communities dependent on check-cashing stores for their banking needs, prepaid debit cards are a viable alternative, according to Harvey Rosenfield, president of Santa Monica-based The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights.
Some observers have expressed concern that consumers using debit cards in the same way that they use credit cards may not understand the difference in their potential risk of loss.
Among the most relevant examples from different areas of the globe, Germany, as a cash-based society, stands out of the crowd with an almost total absence of credit cards if compared to the number of debit cards in issue - 4 million credit cards as opposed to 101 million debit cards in circulation.
A debit card is a convenient way of paying for purchases without using cash, unlike a credit card that may entail interest charges.
She was issued a Visa debit card that could be used as a check card and for withdrawals at ATMs.
Designed to allow drivers to use their debit cards at the island, Payquick quickly authorizes direct electronic transfer of funds through BP's own PayPoint communications system by calling banks and automatically withdrawing money.
The Board of Governors appreciates this opportunity to comment on issues concerning debit cards that can be used without security codes (sometimes referred to as "check cards" or "off-line" debit cards).
More specifically, this report looks at penetration of debit cards versus EFTPOS cards, awareness of the distinction between scheme debit and EFTPOS cards, and the likelihood that consumers would be motivated to switch transaction account providers in order to upgrade to a debit card.
While banks don't hesitate to promote the conveniences of using debit cards, they are not adequately warning consumers about the risks, a consumer group reports today in a survey of the state's largest banks.
Debit cards mean faster payments, increased safety and ease of use
In announcing the change, which will take effect in November, Visa went further in protecting consumers for loss or theft than MasterCard International, which last month capped consumer liability for fraudulent use of debit cards at $50, the same as for credit cards.