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a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account

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Comparison of debit card ownership to debit card use
We plan, however, to expand the acceptance of debit cards to Maestro Cards (often used as debit cards, mainly in Europe) as well as the local payment Benefit-Gateway, used here in Bahrain for locally issued debit cards.
Some debit cards are designed to work only with a PIN, others can be used with either a PIN or a signature.
But the fact that Magic has to sell debit cards is an utter condemnation of the banking industry,'' Rosenfield said.
As an example of how market discipline might work, both VISA and MasterCard have already voluntarily established rules for financial institutions offering non-PIN protected debit cards that generally limit a consumer's liability to $50 or less.
And debit card purchases are more likely to receive store credit, instead of a refund, for damaged items.
The same proves true for Albertson's, whose shoppers pay no extra fees to use their debit cards.
Because of the method of operation, these cards are sometimes characterized as "online" debit cards.
com/research/e5514b/rise_of_scheme_deb) has announced the addition of the "Rise of Scheme Debit - Strong Moves in the Debit Card Market" report to their offering.
While banks don't hesitate to promote the conveniences of using debit cards, they are not adequately warning consumers about the risks, a consumer group reports today in a survey of the state's largest banks.
Debit cards mean faster payments, increased safety and ease of use
Assesses 2008-2013 debit card, credit card and prepaid card usage trends, including degrees of debit purchase engagement and credit card usage engagement; 2008-2013 checking account trends, including the degree to which checking account holders have investments and loan products over time; 2008-2013 debit card/credit card trends that explore the influence of debit card usage and engagement on credit card use and engagement; and 2008-2013 bill payment methods and payment instrument choices, comparing choices of checking account holders and debit cards holders to the average adult.
In announcing the change, which will take effect in November, Visa went further in protecting consumers for loss or theft than MasterCard International, which last month capped consumer liability for fraudulent use of debit cards at $50, the same as for credit cards.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for number of Debit Cards in Use (Million Units).