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bores through wood making a ticking sound popularly thought to presage death

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Somehow, I am not quite so sanguine about a death watch beetle.
In Coventry, Holy Trinity Church received pounds 16,000 to help search for infestations of death watch beetle responsible for extensive damage to wooden beams in the choir roof.
European beech can be susceptible to the death watch beetle.
His financial dealings have been creeping out of the woodwork with the tenacity of a death watch beetle.
A Staffordshire church - the only one built outside London by Sir Christopher Wren - has raised pounds 507,000 to repair a roof ravaged by death watch beetle.
The electrical system has been overhauled, with new heaters installed, and flaking plaster has been removed and death watch beetle eradi- cated.
Galloping death watch beetle, movement in an A-frame and huge sycamores that were too close for comfort had combined to hasten an imminent demise.
You might have heard of powder post beetles, house longhorn beetles or even worse death watch beetles.
They have slowly revealed and repaired the ancient structure, which had suffered badly at the hands of an army of death watch beetles hidden under a heavy layer of cement rendering.
She said: "You only have to lift up the edge of the roof and there are countless horrors - death watch beetles, dry rot and other things chomping away.
The church, which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, was closed for nearly four years by an infestation of death watch beetles.
Rentokil was formed in the 1920s after a university professor was asked to exterminate death watch beetles in a hall next to the Houses of Parliament.