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the number of deaths resulting from some particular cause such as an accident or a battle or a natural disaster

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On a monthly basis, that means the death toll in Syria has run at 6,700 while in Yemen it has averaged 300.
The Islamic Republic's news outlets report almost every death in Yemen and decry the level of fighting and the death toll as unconscionable.
The LCC put the death toll at more than 23,000 civilians.
Drug death toll soars to nine a week MORE than nine people die every week from drug abuse, according to shock figures.
There was no independent confirmation of the death tolls, and militants often dispute official death figures.
It was the second-largest death toll in a day in the unacknowledged U.
A day after Communications Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue raised the official death toll to 230,000, her office put out a statement quoting President Rene Preval as saying 270,000 bodies had been hastily buried by the government following the earthquake.
Whatever the death toll, there is no doubt it is one of the highest in a modern disaster.
No foreign government or independent agency has issued its own death toll.
And the Joint Task Force in charge of the relief effort - foreign governments and militaries, UN agencies and Haitian government officials - quotes only the government death toll.
Scientists said the death toll in 1995 was alarming because it followed the 193 animals that died the year before.
Early estimates placed total fatalities at more than 60,000 people, but revised reports lower the death toll to about 25,000.
ON the day the tsunami death toll in Indonesia reached 115,229, these children looked desperately to the skies for help.
Such harrowing scenes are now also daily occurrences in Sri Lanka, where officials have announced they expect the country's tsunami death toll to exceed 40,000.
But scores are still missing and it is feared the final death toll will exceed 270,000, with the Indonesian count alone topping 210,000.