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a clandestine military or paramilitary team who murder political dissidents or petty criminals (usually with the government's tacit approval)

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Duterte publicly admitted his direct links to the Davao death squad during a May 24 live broadcast of his weekly television talk show.
With the notable exception of the government's move in March 2015 to prosecute the masterminds behind the Tagum Death Squad, after a detailed Human Rights Watch report, the perpetrators of these crimes remain at large.
She demanded to punish the death squads, whatever their titles, because they raise weapons illegally and outside the framework of the law, and kill innocent people in daylight, and work to return the scenario of sectarian violence, murder and sabotage again.
A Canadian website, known for creating conspiracy online, had claimed that Ford was involved in running death squads in Iraq, when he was the political counselor at the embassy from 2004-2006, the report added.
However, Jesuit priest Orlando Yorio, now dead, once claimed he refused to publicly endorse his slum work, effectively delivering him to death squads.
In an article titled "Washington's Death Squads Caught in the Act" published on Friday, the site ( www.
Talking to a private TV channel here Saturday he held these death squads throw the dead bodies of their victims after engraving them.
Hashemi, one of Iraq's top Sunni Arab officials, was accused in December of running a death squad and, along with his staff and body-guards, faces around 150 charges.
Cocaine, Death Squads, & the War on Terror" discusses the relations between America and Columbia, where foreign aid to Columbia has been fueling a state controlled by its cocaine crops, increasing terror against the Columbian people and their neighbors.
Recently dozens of Sindhi nationalist activists have been killed in a wave of target killing operations in Karachi and interior Sindh by the proxy death squads of the Pakistani intelligence agencies.
Special police teams were investigating up to 20 killings, believed to have been carried out by death squads recruited and paid by white extremists in a plot to destabilise the country.
We're beginning to see copycat death squads in other cities in Mindanao as well as outside of Mindanao,'' HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth said at a press conference in Manila.
Death squads carrying out summary executions are a hallmark of dictatorships.
In fact, the rise of Uribe from Governor of Antioquia to the Presidency was linked to his ties with the death squads (page 235).
Decades of conflict with guerrilla groups, the rise of fight-wing death squads tied to the military, and trafficking in illegal drags contribute to widespread poverty in a country rich in natural resources.