suicide pact

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an agreement by two or more people to commit suicide together at a given place and time

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I will not dilate upon the feelings with which I left the old house, the well-known garden, the little village church--then doubly dear to me, because my father, who, for thirty years, had taught and prayed within its walls, lay slumbering now beneath its flags--and the old bare hills, delightful in their very desolation, with the narrow vales between, smiling in green wood and sparkling water--the house where I was born, the scene of all my early associations, the place where throughout life my earthly affections had been centred;--and left them to return no more
Her eyes began slowly to dilate, and she shivered as though with cold.
This simple family, born and bred in retirement, and wholly unacquainted with what is called the world--a conventional phrase which, being interpreted, often signifieth all the rascals in it-- mingled their tears together at the thought of their first separation; and, this first gush of feeling over, were proceeding to dilate with all the buoyancy of untried hope on the bright prospects before them, when Mr Ralph Nickleby suggested, that if they lost time, some more fortunate candidate might deprive Nicholas of the stepping-stone to fortune which the advertisement pointed out, and so undermine all their air-built castles.
Will he not be full of boundless aspirations, and fancy himself able to manage the affairs of Hellenes and of barbarians, and having got such notions into his head will he not dilate and elevate himself in the fulness of vain pomp and senseless pride?
I need not dilate upon the feelings with which I approached the shrine of my former divinity - that spot teeming with a thousand delightful recollections and glorious dreams - all darkened now by one disastrous truth
If we dilate in beholding the Greek energy, the Roman pride, it is that we are already domesticating the same sentiment.
He studied the effects of adrenin on various parts of the body; he found that it causes the pupils to dilate, hairs to stand erect, blood vessels to be constricted, and so on.
Now, you know the pains and penalties you are liable to, and so I need not dilate upon them, but I have a proposal to make to you.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard the couple had a death pact as Patricia was convinced she was suffering from lung cancer but didn't want to be treated because she was afraid of hospitals.
The stories range in theme and locations: brothers who make a death pact, a mother who doesn't return home, a disembodied voice in the forest, and more.
In 2011, the rocker revealed he and one of his sisters had formed a death pact after watching their mother Dorothy, die aged 87 following a 10-year battle with crippling dementia.
The death pact emerged after letters were found in Hartley's cell.
His other works include the Rich Coleman Novels Death Pact, Plastic Gods, and Unconscionable and a science fiction series, the Tarizon Saga.
The Korean War transformed the post-World War II contest between the Soviet Union and the United States from one of advancing distrust to an arms-race death pact that appeared to drown out the possibility that the second half of the twentieth century would be less conflicted than the first half.
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