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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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Tory bosses are telling donors how to dodge death duties by leaving cash to the Conservative Foundation, a fundraising group launched by Lady Thatcher and Sir John Major.
It would be easy enough to up the threshold for death duties to pounds 1 million and remove stamp duty on house sales below pounds 250,000.
Long before death duties took their tolls, the way of life led by the Arkwrights was in terminal decline.
And get clued up on avoiding death duties via Inheritance Tax.
That is to apply similar principles to those used by the rich when faced with outstanding death duties.
The Halifax bank says pounds 430,000 would be a fairer threshold for death duties but it isn't just about the taxing point, there's the iniquitous 40 per cent rate, too.
A KEY ally of David Cameron has blasted the Tories' "morally wrong' plan to slash death duties for the rich.
More details were also expected on plans to tighten up the rules on trusts, currently allowing wealthy families to avoid capital gains and death duties.
It's because of death duties, he writes, and the "levelling up" of standards of the lower classes.
In the meantime ever higher death duties made it increasingly difficult to pass on estates to future generations.
He sold his castle after his first marriage broke up in 1983 and was made bankrupt 10 years later over death duties.
In February 2002 they gifted the property to a family trust in order to sidestep death duties.
But Mr Osborne signalled that he supported the principle of an individual's main home being exempted from death duties.
There are also far-reaching consequences for children who are unlucky enough to lose both parents, because if their parents' assets are over this ridiculously low threshold they will also lose their home to pay death duties.
Well OK, her son and daughter, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Chatto, were faced with death duties of pounds 3 million.