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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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Derrida defines Freud's death drive variously throughout Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression, but simply stated: ".
Baudrillard's language of pacification through embalming is particularly appropriate in terms of how simulacra and simulation relate to the death drive and the symbolic relations generated by reproducing stimuli associated with death.
As for the second cat, it sits atop the hogshead when it first appears in the story, and it sits on the top of the head of the wife's corpse, refusing to be governed by the death drive.
The death drive is always already implicit in the desire that consummates itself in marriage.
For Davis, Freud's theory of the death drives demonstrates this imbrication of life and death and "the haunting of the subject by its own drive to self-annihilation" (43).
But the trouble is that Thanatos, the Death Drive, is a notoriously untrustworthy servant.
A crucial lesson of Freud's account of the death drive is its
The lack or "void" Silverman mentions, in addition to recalling Lacanian conceptions of the decentered subject, refers to her sense that Freud's death drive stands in opposition not to the subject's physical existence or well-being, but to internal, psychic dynamics performed by the ego.
We need to be supporting our young people and need to find out why five per cent death drive in certain parts of Belfast but also why the remaining 95 percent don't.
From aesthetics and morality we return to ideology and social anomie (by way of Freud and Lacan) in Reynold Humphries' "On the Road Again: Rehearsing the Death Drive in Modern Realist Horror Cinema.
But the dream that disturbs Maria the most concerning the abortion (as evidenced by its repetition) suggests how much the abortion also expressed a murderous impulse in Maria's unconscious--an impulse that is simultaneously an expression of the death drive.
He labeled this the principle of neuronal inertia, or the Nirvana principle, and finally erected it into his concept of the death drive that dictated the inevitable fate of human life to be death.
Reading La dama boba, El caballero de Olmedo, El castigo sin venganza, A secreto agravio, secreta venganza, La dama duende, and Don Gil de las calzas verdes, Stroud explores the dramatization of such themes as the inherent otherness of desire, the working of fantasy in love, the play of the death drive, the nature of gender identity and the feminine masquerade.
A Dramatic Crimewatch-style reconstruction of Princess Diana's death drive is to be staged.