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the last few hours before death

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the bed on which a person dies

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His daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, said that her father is very strong and courageous, even on his death bed, News24 reports.
Hawthornthwaite Productions presents one-act black comedies Add Friend and Death Bed at Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre (LAST) in Seel Street this week.
siouxdonnem: I wonder which one of us will be the first person to say, "I just wish I'd spent more time on the internet" while laying on our death bed.
Lying on her death bed in Malawi, Chekechiwa wept as she told the Sunday People that her life is ending and she needs to bid farewell to Mercy.
Now living in Ireland, he's summoned to his father's death bed in New York, where he learns pop was an Auschwitz survivor, prompting a cross-country search for an ageing Nazi It's even weirder than it sounds but, crucially, much less fun.
On his death bed Litvinenko, who fled to Britain in 2000, accused President Vladimir Putin of ultimate responsibility.
30pm ITV) CARLA goes to visit Peter in hospital, but not out of any sense of good will - it's more out of curiosity about whatever it is he might | Carla visits Peter want to tell her on his death bed.
Even Elijah Muhammad catches a supernatural break from Lee, who depicts the Messenger as increasingly ill and out of it, virtually on his death bed, a full ten years before he died, thus deflecting responsibility for the lethal climate that formed around the image of Malcolm as a traitor to the Nation.
I mean, the supposed remarks about Marilyn Monroe, as Joe was on his death bed, Engelberg sold out a guy he swore an oath to protect.
On his death bed Ruby was interviewed by his brother, in Yiddish, the guards not understanding what was being said; no point in concealing anything at that stage.
A car accident leaves scrawny wannabe cop Marvin on his death bed.
Both intimate and public, the bed and its associated elements--mattresses, cradles, blankets--are loaded with connotations: pleasure and life, unhappiness, isolation, the death bed, and so on.
Dubbed the Manley Accord in honor of the late Jamaican leader Michael Manley who literally orchestrated the negotiations from his death bed in 1996 and early 1997, the agreement is meant to "strengthen all-round co-operation, transform industrial relations practice through consensus building and ensure an environmentally-friendly and safe operation for the benefit of all parties";
You go through life and on your death bed you ask yourself, "Did I pull the "Twist?
IF you want to pull a sickie successfully, don't go on the telly when you're supposed to be on your death bed.