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a cast taken from the face of a dead person

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In 2002, Emin, 53, created her own death mask, as a "specimen" or "museum display" to "transform herself into an object of scrutiny for generations to come".
Yet the result is not comparable to the uncanny likeness of Lorenzo de'Medici's mechanically produced death mask, for the latter is primarily a relic due to its indexical relation to the deceased.
For me, that was not my father, breathing though his death mask.
The death masks originally made by Madame Tussaud - during the French Reign of Terror, she used heads from decapitated bodies to make molds of the faces of famous people - along with the guillotine blade that beheaded Marie Antoinette, bring the bloody French Revolution to life.
Artifacts include a wide variety of special effects-laden mummies, death masks and corpses, weapons including daggers and rifles, Cleopatra costumes designed for Elizabeth Taylor and Claudette Colbert, the throne chair designed for Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra," sarcophaguses from "Death On the Nile" and "The Mummy," and jewelry from both versions of "The Ten Commandments.
The collection includes Vespers', a series of exploratory 3D printed death masks, designed by Neri Oxman and her team, which will be unveiled to the public at the grand reopening of London's Design Museum next week.
A PIONEERING Welsh film crew which recreated the death masks of William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte and brought them "back to life", has been nominated for a prestigious Emmy Award.
Death masks were often cast of influential and powerful people, or of criminals.
His references run from photography, video, Roman death masks, silent films, Renaissance painting and the thought of Kan and Heidegger.
And is the irony compounded by the fact that his portraits are death masks of a sort, each detail exaggerated to produce a macabre lifelikeness, a fatalistic autonomy?
In the opening film, he traces how we have attempted to visualise the face of evil, from the early religious images of the devil dating from 900 AD to the pseudo-scientific representations of the 19th century, to the composite photographs of criminals in London and waxwork death masks in Turin.
Using the life and death masks of such world-changing figures as William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Julius Caesar, a Welsh film crew has created unique 3D digital faces and claims in the process to have solved long-standing mysteries about their lives and deaths.
The skulls start you thinking about death and death masks, which leads to a vanitas theme, where the permanence of possessions and collecting itself leads to questions about the often fickle relationships between artists, dealers, and collectors.
Since closing in 1929, it has become something of a tourist attraction, where you can examine case studies of the inmates and walk through the many corridors and rooms filled with death masks and other items of torturous equipment.
From early "overpaintings" to redrawn self-portraits, Aktionismus performances, death masks, and views of Hiroshima, this impressive 160-work retrospective (featuring paintings, photographs, drawings, and videos) reveals the intense thematic continuity throughout Arnulf Rainer's oeuvre from the '50S to the present.