Amanita phalloides

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extremely poisonous usually white fungus with a prominent cup-shaped base

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All parts of the Death Cap mushroom are poisonous and eating just one can be fatal.
Photo: Eating wild mushrooms can be an epicurean treat, but gathering gourmets must take care not to confuse death cap mushrooms, above, with edible varieties now sprouting throughout the West.
Chris serves up a rogue risotto in the Diner and, because the dodgy dish contains death cap mushrooms, both Alf Stewart (above) and Leah collapse and pass out.
In 2008, one woman died and another was seriously ill after eating toxic death cap mushrooms on a trip to Ventnor Botanic Gardens on the Isle of Wight.
One woman died yesterday and another is ill after possibly eating poisonous death cap mushrooms, police said.
An Italian couple who mistakenly ate lethal Death Cap mushrooms received emergency liver transplants in a desperate effort to save their lives.
A MUM of four died after accidentally using toxic death cap mushrooms to add flavour to her soup, an inquest heard yesterday.