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Khacan, who was better able to judge of her merits than the dealer, wishing to bring the matter to a conclusion, sent for the merchant, and said to him, "It is not for myself that I wish to buy your slave, but for the king.
Noureddin, convinced at length of the truth of her words, yielded, and reluctantly led her to the slave market, where, showing her to a dealer named Hagi Hassan, he inquired her value.
As soon, then, as Khacan returned home he sent for the dealers in female slaves, and charged them directly they had found such a one as he described to inform him.
Reassure yourself, and send to the dealers, saying that you are not satisfied, and wish them to find you another slave.
With the dealers,' he said, 'my friend has been a little unfortunate.
The art editors seemed to be in the same unhappy condition as the dealers.
Pickup's class has rather fallen off, and that there are dealers in pictures, nowadays, who are as just and honorable men as can be found in any profession or calling, anywhere under the sun.
His wife had finished several pictures which were not without merit; but the dealers were scarcely buying those of artists with reputations; consequently, her paintings had little chance.
There was a certain person in Sicily who laid out a sum of money which was deposited in his hand in buying up all the iron from the iron merchants; so that when the dealers came from the markets to purchase, there was no one had any to sell but himself; and though he put no great advance upon it, yet by laying out fifty talents he made an hundred.
Vasili Andreevich might perhaps have got it down to his own price, for the woods were in his district and he had a long-standing agreement with the other village dealers that no one should run up the price in another's district, but he had now learnt that some timber-dealers from town meant to bid for the Goryachkin grove, and he resolved to go at once and get the matter settled.
The ruling holds that, similar to the proposed regulations, if an affiliated group member borrows from an unrelated party and directly loans the funds to a related dealer affiliate for the purpose of carrying on the dealer's general business, the disallowed interest expense allocation is both calculated and applied at the dealer level.
Worse still, from a law-enforcement perspective, is the fact that federal law treats all record-keeping errors by gun dealers as, at most, misdemeanors--even in cases where ATF can prove that a dealer falsified records.
This program will make it easier and faster than traditional marketing tools to narrow down the right selections for a customer," the dealer adds.
Ask dealer staff for new issue lists and promotional materials for distribution.
The Internet promises to free consumers from dealer captivity.