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Synonyms for deaf-mute

a deaf person who is unable to speak

lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak

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I have three physically impaired children and want to get them education in order to enable them to stand on their own feet, he said and demanded of the government and concerned authorities to up-grade the school for deaf and dumb children at Timergara Dir Lower to high level.
There is no doubt that the number of deaf and dumb in the province is a large percentage, and that they should grow up without the advantages of an education is not desired.
7) The male directors of the New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, along with a number of women similarly "impelled by a sense of duty" who answered the directors' appeal for support from "a charitable and benevolent public," were granted an act of incorporation for a school for the deaf and dumb on 15 April 1817 (Circular of the President 3).
His book Tales of the Deaf and Dumb, with Miscellaneous Poems (1835) contained fiction, poetry, and non-fictional accounts of deafness.
James Hawkins' The Physical, Moral and Intellectual Constitution of The Deaf and Dumb (1863) argued that three quarters of deaf people were congenitally non-hearing, a condition caused by inter-marriage, traumatic pre-natal events or basic organic defects normally transmitted through the maternal line.
They've been pretending to be deaf and dumb, approaching elderly people and asking for a donation.
Knowlson traces the idea of gesture as a "universal language" in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as evidenced in John Bulwer's Chirologia: or the Natural Language of the Hand and Chironomia: or the Art of Manual Rhetoric (both 1644), and shows how this idea was informed by studies of the deaf and dumb.
He was born to deaf and dumb parents and says that until he was twenty he was almost unaware of the existence of music.
Ugly, blind, deaf and dumb, torpid, worthless, stubborn--that's all I've been since you turned me into something that can do nothing but love you") The strength in admitting weakness amazed me.
Also called Split Gutter by deaf and dumb fellas, this one is quite a unique edge.
Asako (newcomer Akiko Oshidari), who's deaf and dumb, and her fireman husband, Ryuichi (Minoru Tanaka), have a 10-year-old daughter, Ai (Ai Okazaki), who's mocked at school for using sign language with her mom.
He said the man appeared to be deaf and dumb and may have worn a wig, a hat or a scarf on his head.
VI, Men and Women, Volume II; Ben Karshook's Wisdom; Eurydice to Orpheus; Dramatis Personae; Deaf and Dumb, ed.
Hove set himself huge challenges by establishing the deaf and dumb Miriro as an influential ancestor.
By 1858, Blanchet's Moyens de generaliser l'education des sourds-muets dans les ecoles primaires (Ways of spreading the education of the deaf and dumb in primary schools) was already in its fifth edition.