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Synonyms for deaf-mute

a deaf person who is unable to speak

lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak

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Hassan's sister Summaya, 13 and younger Brother Faisal, 10 have also the same impairment and they study at government school for deaf and dumb children Timergara.
Chauhan observed that a deaf and dumb person should not be prevented from being a witness merely because of his or her physical disability.
There were also various journals including The British Deaf-Mute and the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb that served deaf communities and deaf educators.
A ROMANIAN woman was arrested in Huddersfield town centre after claiming to be deaf and dumb and asking for money.
In "Three Monkeys", Ceylan focuses his camera on four characters, a couple and their son plus the husband's boss, showing how the family opts to stick together by playing blind, deaf and dumb to problems that should in all logic split them apart.
Founded in 1869, the association was originally called the Glamorgan and Monmouthshire Missions to the Adult Deaf and Dumb.
I do not contend that Jonson intended Mute to reference Lavinia, or even that Jonson's audience made this connection explicitly, but that Mute and Lavinia are representative of stage figures whose performative power draws in part from the tradition of the dumb show, and from contemporary debates about the communicative potential of the deaf and dumb.
Peter, a non-drinker who was believed to be 59 years old, was employed at Unit 3, Veracity Works in Foundry Lane by deaf and dumb Arthur Wheeler.
Victim John Mclntosh, who was deaf and dumb, died when his car was struck by the fire engine at traffic lights in Bo'ness, West Lothian, last month.
FOOTBALL chiefs in Congo have moved to end mounting corruption at stadium turnstiles by manning them with deaf and dumb folk
He was born to deaf and dumb parents and says that until he was twenty he was almost unaware of the existence of music.
Ugly, blind, deaf and dumb, torpid, worthless, stubborn--that's all I've been since you turned me into something that can do nothing but love you") The strength in admitting weakness amazed me.
Also called Split Gutter by deaf and dumb fellas, this one is quite a unique edge.
He appeared to be deaf and dumb and could have worn a wig, hat or scarf on his head.
Hove set himself huge challenges by establishing the deaf and dumb Miriro as an influential ancestor.