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remove air or gas from


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Water Standard is also very focused on reducing footprint and weight of overall water treatment process facilities and can deliver flexible, compact membrane systems for filtration, sulphate removal, low salinity treatment, and deaeration through its C-H[sub.
Hamilton points out that because deaeration removes the natural essences and nutrients that give truly fresh orange juice its flavor, juice companies hire flavor and fragrance companies - the same companies that formulate perfumes for Dior and Calvin Klein - to add substances to the juice to make it taste as though it came straight from fresh-squeezed oranges.
This corrosion may be reduced or eliminated via deaeration by mechanical, thermal, and/or chemical treatments (Nalco Guide 1993).
In conclusion, we can state that the tested siloxane-based multi-functional surfactant significantly reduces the build-up of macro- and micro-foam and speeds up the foam-break and deaeration in water-based coatings and inks.
In addition, incorporating ingredients under vacuum helps maintain an air-free mixture, eliminating the need for lengthy post-process deaeration steps.
sup-1] to an aeration tank, which is followed by a decantation tank to remove precipitated iron, and finally to a deaeration tank before leaving the seawater pump house.
Capable of throughput as high as 400 kg/hr, the WP200VN Roller Compactor includes features such as vacuum deaeration, water cooled vacuum rollers and the company's patented combivent feed system.
Deaeration efficiency is critical, and large capacity is required.
In addition to nitrogenation, the membrane has been used for ultrapure deoxygenation and decarbonation; boiler feed water degasing and process water deaeration and carbonation.
Some CHA loss is incurred during condensate deaeration because of the volatile nature of cyclohexylamine (15).
GL&V Sweden AB to supply filters, cleaner systems and deaeration systems for Stora Enso paper mill in Belgium -- Record-breaking sales of Celleco and Hedemora branded filters in 2001
Deaeration is the elimination of bubbles and microfoam trapped below the film surface or in the bulk of the formulation.
This deaeration process can take hours if the solution and mixing steps are not adhered to properly.
They are rapidly displacing older technologies as the deaeration product of choice in new systems as well as many older ones.
The first region is associated with a very rapid decrease in measured void volume due to sample deaeration.