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a tax imposed on ships that enter the US

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Based on deadweight tonnage, arrange the tanker categories in order from smallest to largest carrying capacity.
Isuzu produced 65,666 large trucks with a deadweight tonnage of 6.
It is estimated that during the next five years, private entrepreneurs could acquire a total of 26 vessels with aggregate deadweight tonnage of about 1.
1m in draft, with deadweight tonnage of 51,100 dwt, the vessel will have 36.
5m in designed draught: deadweight tonnage (DWT) is approximately 95,000 tons.
Its mass is 81,398 deadweight tonnage, and it has a length of 229 meters.
Broers said that the Duqm Port was designed to be able to big vessels up to 180,000 deadweight tonnage.
The Panamx-type ship -- built in 2001 and with a deadweight tonnage of 74,500 tons -- belongs to Perserveranza, based in Naples in southern Italy.
About 460 meters long jetty will have a depth of 15 meters to handle large ships of upto 75,000 deadweight tonnage.
In the short period of less than two years as a publicly traded company, we have more than tripled our fleet from six to 20 vessels, quadrupled our deadweight tonnage, enhanced our fleet's operational versatility without sacrificing the strength of our balance sheet and achieved a charter portfolio that generates sizeable and stable cash flows with significant upside potential.
The third vessel, with a capacity to carry a deadweight tonnage of 12,400 and 1015 containers, left Pusan on December 5 and is on her way to port Kelang -- Malaysia to load containers for Jebel Ali in UAE and for Doha," Chief Executive Officer Khalifa Ali al Hetmi said on Sunday.