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a tax imposed on ships that enter the US

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8 million 119,000 * Deadweight tonnage (Dwt) is the total carrying capacity of a ship and is expressed in long tons (1 long ton = 2,240 pounds).
Tanker class Deadweight tonnage (dtw) * Handysize 10,000-39,999 Handymax 40,000-59,999 Panamax 60,000-79,999 Aframax 80,000-119,999 Suezmax 120,000-199,999 VLCC 200,000-319,999 ULCC 320,000 and higher * dtw = deadweight ton, the weight of the fuel, stores and cargo.
The 380-meter tankers, which have a deadweight tonnage of more than 440,000 tons, will drydock for maintenance and survey later this year.
And the Commission's determination to cover small tankers of 600 to 5,000 deadweight tonnage - although this category is normally not concerned by the international phase-out, which only covers tankers of 5000 dwt or more - will also cost several billion dollars.
Isuzu produced 65,666 large trucks with a deadweight tonnage of 6.
It is estimated that during the next five years, private entrepreneurs could acquire a total of 26 vessels with aggregate deadweight tonnage of about 1.
The new facility will feature 6 deep-water berths, with 25 metre drafts, one of them can receive very large crude carriers (VLCCs) of up to 320,000 deadweight tonnage (dwt) the so-called supertankers.
Type of ships:###Phase I: bulk carriers of 30,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT), container vessels of 25,000 DWT
The new barge Stephanie with 7,535 deadweight tonnage (DWT) is providing both heavy fuel oil - IFO 380 RMG 2010 - and marine gas oil to customers at all locations within the Port of Sohar and anchorage areas.
5m in designed draught: deadweight tonnage (DWT) is approximately 95,000 tons.
Its mass is 81,398 deadweight tonnage, and it has a length of 229 meters.
The new terminal has been designed to berth vessels having up to 200,000 deadweight tonnage of capacity.
Broers said that the Duqm Port was designed to be able to big vessels up to 180,000 deadweight tonnage.
6 billion, was the world's largest single shipbuilding contract by deadweight tonnage.