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Partner the decorative deadnettle with purple-leaved ground huggers to stop them disappearing against dark soil.
What's hot: Cobra[R] Herbicide, used for yield enhancement in soybeans; Valor[R] Herbicide, used in a fall application to control tough winter annuals including henbit, chickweed, marestail, purple deadnettle and dandelion.
Plus White Deadnettle and Dong Quai which help to reduce the adverse effects of PMS.
and other members of the Asteraceae/Compositae family, together with chenopods (Chenopodiaceae), and members of the deadnettle (Lamiaceae/Labiatae) and buttercup (Ranunculaceae) families, and scattered junipers (Juniperus L.
Skunk cabbage, snowdrops, aconites, snow crocus, iris reticulata, silver and red maples, common chickweed, midseason crocus, dandelion (first blooms), deadnettle, whitlow grass, snow trillium, periwinkle, violet cress, squills, early jonquils, harbinger of spring, coltsfoot.