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Do not forget the deadly sin, do not forget the appointed discovery, do not forget the appointed suffering.
In such minds, disregard of religion is a more fearful treason,--a more deadly sin.
North American scholars from a range of social sciences and humanities present 12 essays selected from presentations to a July-August 2004 seminar at Cambridge University exploring the seven deadly sins as cultural constructions during the Middle Ages.
SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF INVESTING: HOW TO CONQUER YOUR WORST IMPULSES AND SAVE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE probes the psychology of investors and investments, sharing the knowledge Maury Fertig has gained from a long career at Salomon Brothers to help save investors from their self-defeating impulses.
The seven deadly sins are the subject of a new lecture series at Newcastle's Centre for Life.
The commentary by Marianne Meed Ward, accusing the Church of being inconsistent, supposedly cracking down on homosexual activity but doing nothing about the seven deadly sins in general, reflected only ignorance and confusion on her part.
If the heroine has her hair down, is wearing black underwear, and leaves the stage by diving through aluminum foil, it may mean that she has unruly emotions and a touch of self-destructive madness (but not a sleeping disorder) like the silent Anna in The Seven Deadly Sins.
Listeners to BBC Radio 4's Midsummer Sins programme, hosted by Joan Bakewell, were asked to vote for their favoured addition to the seven deadly sins.
No single ice cream launch this year has had the profile of Birds Eye Wall's Magnum 7 Deadly Sins range, The 8.
With their westward migration from Asia Minor to Spain (and thence to Mexico), pinatas eventually evolved into Catholic effigies for the Seven Deadly Sins.
This 20-year-old adult fiction contains large quantities of the Seven Deadly Sins, with avarice and lust leading the way.
I thought up the Seven Deadly Sins in one afternoon.
has teamed with "The English Patient" producer Saul Zaentz on the handling of international sales for "The Seven Deadly Sins.
Manuscript sources concerning the deadly sins have been conveniently compiled by Bloomfield, 1955.
The real explanation came out some 1,400 years ago, when Pope Gregory the Great identified the Seven Deadly Sins.