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a father who willfully defaults on his obligation to provide financial support for his offspring

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And even those who received cash from deadbeat dads say the soon-to-be-replaced organisation is still failing their children.
Each page is a stand-alone summation of a concept--such as corporate crime, the working poor, deadbeat dads, and the cost of health care--related to the broader themes of owners, workers, women, people of color, government spending, welfare and education, health, and the environment.
And when so-called deadbeat dads are labeled irresponsible, it mirrors the anti-abortionists' stereotype of women who want abortions as irresponsible sluts.
The amendment wouldn't simply ban equality in civil marriage, a right that is now guaranteed to murderers, child abusers, deadbeat dads, multiple divorcees, and foreigners.
Thomas Slaven, 42, was exposed on the Deadbeat Dads website after deserting Lindsay, 15, and Leslie, 12 -and leaving estranged wife Leigh pounds 15,000 short in child support and alimony.
THE Department of Family Affairs is cracking down on deadbeat dads who are dodging maintenance payments to mothers and children they have abandoned.
Some of this money is being used for things like tracking down deadbeat dads and making them pay child support--a laudable goal few would quibble with.
These are women who are mostly single parents, live with household incomes of less than 26K a year (giving them about 30 extra bucks a month to really go wild with), and are fighting deadbeat dads, substance abuse, lack of child care and insufficient health care, and have very little chance for improvement.
Deadbeat dads rank about one step below the Klan in popularity among African Americans.
Spouse abusers, deadbeat dads and check kiters are not welcome in The Florida Bar.
These dads aren't deadbeat dads, they are dead broke dads.
Her prey consists of deadbeat dads who skip out on their families and renege on their child support payments.
In A Family Divided, Mendelson presents the divorced father's point of view, arguing that fathers are not superfluous and not all of them should be considered deadbeat dads who shirk their parental responsibilities.
They are not deadbeat dads, and they need a forceful advocate like Leving to get their message out.
After years of exile, he's made his debut - a wizard of Oz with pectoral implants, elevator shoes, and the face of one of the ten most wanted deadbeat dads.