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a dead shot

(nautical) a round hardwood disk with holes and a grooved perimeter used to tighten a shroud

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I was about to sit back down when Dead-Eye grabbed my arm and pointed out in the lake.
That defensive strength, coupled with Evans's dead-eye kicking, makes the Londoners worth a bet with a five-point start against a Bayonne team who have lost their way a little after a promising start.
Now the dead-eye bowler has different targets in his sights after being appointed Scottish Cricket Ltd's marketing manager.
Glasgow were not to be knocked off their stride, however, and dead-eye Hayes thumped over his fifth penalty to put his side out of reach.
The Bruins had so many opportunities for offensive rebounds because they were an uncharacteristically poor shooting team in the first half - particularly their two dead-eye 3-point shooters, Jason Kapono and Billy Knight.
The Whitehill keeper will be bang in the middle of dead-eye Celt Pierre van Hooijdonk's sights when they clash at Easter Road on Sunday.
Dead-eye goal-kicker Chris Paterson provides a reliable option - and Lions coach Ian McGeechan knows how valuable a points machine can be in South Africa after Neil Jenkins' exploits in 1997.
But make it clear you're treating it all light-heartedly though and it's him you want - not Dead-Eye Dick
So Odom carved up the Lakers with swift drives and dead-eye shooting, and six more precocious Clippers scored in double figures as they converted 56.
Three minutes later Jamie Robinson scored a third and dead-eye Burke added the extras each time.
DEAD-EYE Candy Miller has been crowned the world's oldest darts player by the Guinness Book of Records - at the age of 91.
But with Leaney comprehensively missing his first three cuts of the year on the US Tour, POM, as they call dead-eye driver O'Malley, could beat anyone in the world if only he didn't putt like Blind Pugh, gets a confident vote as this multi-doglegged course should be right up his alley.
The dead-eye left back has been a revelation in defence for Murdo MacLeod's side since making his debut in the 4- 2 defeat by Celtic at Firhill last May.
But he has the mature attitude, rip-roaring speed, and dead-eye marksmanship to live up to the publicity.
Dead-eye Johnny Dooley fired 11 points in all, 10 from placed balls, as his side always kept that crucial goal ahead.