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Dead nettles and other early nectar and pollen sources are excellent for early-flowering fruits such as peaches and pears.
SMALLER suitable plants include lenten roses (helleborus orientalis), geranium phaeum and many of the other herbaceous geraniums, Solomon's seal, periwinkle, variegated dead nettles (lamium White Nancy, Silver Beacon etc.
Dead nettles have triangular olive green leaves with distinctive white patterns.
DEAD NETTLE WHITE Nancy and silver beacon dead nettles, or lamiums, have shiny silvery leaves that light up shady spots and help purple-leaved groundhuggers, like ajuga and heuchera palace purple, stand out against bare soil.
Many are weed-suppressing ground huggers, such as bugle, dead nettles, lady's mantle, periwinkle and ivy.
GARY McLARDY reports a group of white dead nettles coming into bloom in Formby on January 16.