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a constant load on a structure (e

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PA walls realized a greater improvement in performance from dead load application compared with FA walls; performance appears to approach that of FA walls when dead load is applied.
Catapult tests consist of launching large containers, called dead loads which are equal in weight to the aircraft that will ultimately be launched off the flight deck.
The research undertaken was applied to the architect's design, with analysis rafter self-weight, and theoretical dead loads of bamboo sheeting and live loads representing rain and maintenance.
In the equation, RF is the rating factor for live-load carrying capacity, C is the capacity of the structural member, D is the dead-load effect on the member, L is the live-load effect on the member, I is the impact factor, A1 is the factor for dead loads, and A2 is the factor for live loads.
In the case of a support for a zip line, the loads are highly variable and are comprised of a combination of live and dead loads that are not always acting directly towards the ground.
The IRHD method is based on the use of dead loads (weights).
Glazing units are supported by innovative structural supports that transfer dead loads away from the thermal barrier and its warmer interior surfaces improve occupant comfort and condensation resistance.
The elastic-plastic bar structures of known topology subjected to varying repeated and dead loads are considered.
Fastener spacings given in Table 3 were derived by assuming deck live and dead loads of 40 and 10 psf, respectively.
In ASD, structural elements such as structural foundations, bridge beams and girders, or earth-retaining walls are designed to support, or resist, anticipated service loads, including vehicular live loads, superstructure dead loads, or lateral soil loads.
In lieu of utilizing hydraulic actuators or dead loads, we employed a more novel approach using atmospheric pressure to apply the load.
A series of proposals from two proponents to revise the way in which the IBC and IRC address dead loads were seen as a threat to the industry, but AWC's work with the proponents resulted in modifications to the proposals that made them acceptable.
The finite element-models are used in a systematic parametric study of force-displacement performance as affected by foundation details, foundation anchorage, roof and wall dead loads, wall aspect ratio (ratio of height to width), and wall perforations for windows and doors.
The practical considerations were 1) the effectiveness of free vibration compared with forced vibration; 2) the optimal location of forcing function input and transducers for obtaining adequate response signals; 3) the effect of superimposed dead loads on floor vibration response; and 4) the effect of joist decay on floor vibration response.