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a drop used for the clandestine exchange of intelligence information

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US intelligence officials believe that during the 1990s, one member of the spy ring may have serviced dead drops for Robert Hanssen, the notorious FBI agent who was arrested in 2001 for spying for the Russians.
The official versions emphasize aggressive FBI legwork in interrogating Hanssen and monitoring his dead drops, and what the FBI history describes as the bureau's "intensive physical and electronic surveillance of Ames during a 10-month investigation.
Stashes of diamonds, secret dead drops of classified documents, Swiss bank accounts .
Full of code words and dead drops, the story of Robert Philip Hanssen, according to the FBI, reads like Cold War spy novel.
There was no booking or waiting for the sub tropical Aqua Mundo pool and my daughter had the time of her life on the slides and water features from rapids and dead drops to snorkelling amongst coral reefs with a chance to see beautiful tropical fish and even sharks.
He said he smuggled the drugs from Pakistan to Bahrain where two others helped deliver them to different locations for dead drops.
The course concentrates on the issues and locations most relevant to al-Qaeda operations, taking a step-by-step approach to the latter, from carrying out assassinations and taking hostages to conducting attacks on motorcades and making dead drops.
The Dead Drops have been replaced with pigeons carrying SIM cards full of backstory snippets.
He said McCredie was "the controller" and added: "The essence of a dead drop is that a controller will manage the distribution of drugs by having the drugs uplifted by third parties so it cannot be easily attributed to him.