infant mortality

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the death rate during the first year of life

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Mothers of these dead babies were allegedly told that their dead babies were being "cremated.
Not even in Britain 2010, could anyone find dead babies funny, I thought.
The bodies are part of a collection of 2,000 dead babies.
She goes on to describe his quest for gold in 1849, the sacrifices of his wife leaving dead babies behind in Ireland, and the wounds he inflicted, as a miner, on the earth itself.
Wade with somber and sober observances, NARAL and the Democratic hopefuls eager to pander to the pro-abortion crowd will celebrate at a gala banquet complete, no doubt, with balloons and champagne, as though 42 million dead babies were a mere trifle.
But Al Gore wants the credit, so lay those little dead babies at his feet.
If dead babies are recycled for research, the premium put on the value of the tissue would adversely lead to black-market fetuses, and some women would get pregnant only to abort and receive payment for their dead babies.
The official said the couple, in their mid-40s, were the parents of the dead babies, and that the remains were found in two different parts of the property in Villers-au-Tertre, not far from the city of Lille.
Dolls sculpted as the living embodiment of dead babies is the stuff of nightmares.
The pair, members of Justice for the Innocents, are demanding a public inquiry into the removal of organs from thousands of dead babies at Scottish hospitals.
The broadcast of such images raises serious questions, not only about the morality of the artists using dead babies in pursuit of their artistic expression,but of the broadcasters' responsibility not to infringe their dignity.
I WAS horrified to hear about Dr Dick van Velzen, who stripped organs from hundreds of dead babies.
The RU-486 regimen creates an occasion of "young girls delivering dead babies into their toilets," said Cathy Brown, director of Why Life?
Hundreds of concerned parents yesterday jammed a helpline number at a hospital accused of disposing of organs stored from dead babies.
A LEADING Midland hospital is being forced to return to parents the `stolen' hearts of their dead babies.