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a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)

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Originally designed for charged particle detection and later modified for fast neutron detection, the MicroMegas detector concept has proven capable of processing a high charged particle rate with relatively fast recovery times to minimize dead time.
The paper has been focused on description of the program for control of time-delay systems using modified Smith predictor for unstable and integrating processes, modified PIPD Smith predictor for systems with long dead time, and modified Smith predictor design by CDM.
In this paper, the admissible sets of PID controller values were found using the Hurwitz criterion for the Pure Integrating Process with dead time.
In this sense, the insistence on such boycott represents an insistence on not reaching solutions, and thus on justifying the dead time, reaching the danger zone without any safety valves.
With Dead Time she maintains the high quality of her previous work through her usual commitment to an exceptionally strong narrative linked to the development of a range of interesting characters, all of whom could easily blossom into the focal point of the novel.
In the Brookside Social Club they played Barbra Streisand's The Witch Is Dead time after time at earsplitting volume.
There is a lot of dead time when you are a national head coach and I get bored easy.
The report goes on to say "Passengers in Abu Dhabi can instead make use of the dead time between flights to complete the process, enhancing the allure of the luxurious Gulf airports as global travel hubs.
For more information about Micrel, the MIC4606 Series, full bridge MOSFET drivers, and adaptive dead time protection, as well as access to the world's largest available-to-sell inventory, visit: www.
g)Automatic driven (or air driven through air compressor) single mixing Stopped Flow Spectrophotometer with dead time less than 1 ms with two syringe system
Some seem to think driving is dead time that could be spent more productively on the phone - but they may well end up dead by being distracted.
Accurate control of dead time in the synchronous rectifiers helps minimize power losses and reduces the risk of MOSFET failure.
As the dead time approaches zero, fuzzy logic's benefit does too.
When several operations are necessary, conduct them at the same workstation or at an adjoining one without dead time and extra handling.
The way Carlo Laj tells it, the 1980s were a dead time for scientists studying Earth's peculiar habit of flipping its magnetic field every few hundred thousand years.