Dead Sea

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a saltwater lake on the border between Israel and Jordan

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A horse is so top-heavy that he can neither swim nor stand up in the Dead Sea.
Her picturesque form no longer looms above the desert of the Dead Sea to remind the tourist of the doom that fell upon the lost cities.
I can not describe the hideous afternoon's ride from the Dead Sea to Mars Saba.
The journey to the Dead Sea, the Jordan and Bethlehem was short, but it was an exhausting one.
The Dead Sea scrolls are considered the greatest manuscripts of all time.
Known as the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea holds extreme water salinity, making life impossible to thrive in it.
Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort & Spa was awarded this prestigious accolade in light of its commitment to all four criteria.
Earlier, His Royal Highness received the Red Bull team and was briefed on the details and logistics of the jump, which took place over the "Panorama" area at the Dead Sea, after the Crown Prince cleared the way for the jumpers to commence their descent.
Andreas Lackner, regional head, full service brand management, Hilton, says, "The Dead Sea is one of the most unique places in the world and has evolved into a major hub of both religious and health and wellness tourism in the region.
Dead Sea Essentials by Ahava combines Dead Sea minerals with natural extracts for a luxurious and pampering experience for the body and senses," the company said.
Estimated to cost around $10bn, phase one will see about 300 million cu m of water pumped into the Dead Sea each year.
The Dead Sea is a unique subject, located as it is at the intersection of three major religions.
Moukarzel has been appointed as general manager for Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa and King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre managed by Hilton.
In February, Israel and Jordan took a further step by signing an agreement to build a pipeline linking the Red Sea to the Dead Sea.
Four different concentrations of Dead Sea water obtained from Jordan, Sea water obtained from Port Dickson, Malaysia and NaCl (Sigma chemical company, USA), which are 3[per thousand], 6[per thousand], 9[per thousand], and 12[per thousand] (ppt) were used and deionized water as a control [6] whereas the salinity of solutions was determined by using salinity meter (HANNA[R] Model HI 98312).