United States dollar

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the basic unit of money in the United States

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After all the praise and tributes to our dead president last week, liberals are terrified that all this enthusiasm might translate into votes for Bush, so are quick to pounce on any favorable comparisons.
Four area high school basketball teams that couldn't work out their differences on the basketball court instead have had their fates decided by a dead president.
David Smith, spokesman for Ted Kennedy, the younger brother of the dead President said: "It is despicable.
The Camelot imagery, chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy after her husband's death in 1963, well-suited the nation: its dead president a heroic king, the bright men around him the knights of the Round Table.
Her obsession was sparked when stalker John Hinckley Jr tried to shoot dead President Ronald Reagan to impress her.
They take their cues not from dead presidents, but Ho Chi Minh, Samora Machel and Fidel Castro.
What's striking about this memorial is its simplicity, if you compare it to monuments in Washington to dead presidents this is very much down to a natural scale and it's what the Kennedy family particularly liked about it, it appealed to their sense of history and the president's links to Britain.
BEEMICKSEE Laryngitis Three bands playing gigs in student land starting with hip hop loon BeeMickSee, who's on the bill for a free show at The Speakeasy next Thursday, supporting the Dead Presidents.
IN the centre of Washington, there is a park full of monuments - mainly to dead presidents and to wars.
They give us valuable televisions and toys in exchange for ugly pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents.
Now vying for space among review copies of recent spirituality releases (mine) and doorstop-sized tomes about dead presidents (my husband's) are The Cat in the Hat, Blueberries for Sal and assorted children's literature.
Starting from Zero with $0" is a must for those who want to change the world without having dead presidents to back you up.
of highjacking dead presidents, militancy a drama deferred--a moody
If it's got more receipts than faces of dead presidents, it's time to lighten your back pocket.
Among specific topics are sharing Sputnik, the Seabiscuit sweepstakes, violent novels in a violent world, strangers in the night, best American fiction from the last 25 years, diagramming sentences, catfight in the newsroom, libraries and librarians in the movies, first firsts, and sex with dead presidents.