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a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way

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a train or bus or taxi traveling empty

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Should I keep pulling dead heads off to let it re-bloom?
Doreen Sampson ABUDS are spherical, fat and firm, whereas the dead heads are tubular and squidgy.
Doreen Sampson, Leeds CAROL: Buds are spherical, fat and firm, whereas the dead heads are tubular and squidgy.
Snip off the dead heads of pansies and trim back any dead stems - they will soon come back to life again.
It's far better to remove all the dead heads, even if it does take a good bit of time.
A frustrated Lynne Barrett-Lee knows all about it 10 BOOKS Joanna Trollope on Daughters In Law and family matters 14 Making Inroads with poetry with Carolyn Jess-Cooke 18 FOOD Chef Gary Rhodes' revival of the Great British tomato 24 27 21 TRAVEL Holiday ideas for the year ahead GARDENING 24 John Humphries takes on garden pests while Lynne Allbutt hopes for an early harvest of spinach and broad beans 27 TV & FILM The last ever episode of Waking The Dead heads up our pick of the week's best telly 53 PUZZLES Go on, give the brainteasers and prize crossword a whirl 54 CYMRAEG Uwch gynhyrchydd y gyfres boblogaidd C'r Cymru, Hefin Owen, sy'n s'n am y gystadleuaeth eleni
Bird Notes now appears in Farm&CountryeveryThursday of Troy Scott-Smith dead heads flowers (main) and tends to rudbeckia (inset)