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remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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Fuel additives in JP8 and JP-8 + 100 include antioxidants and metal deactivators, and for some aircraft fuel systems an icing inhibitor and static dissipater additive.
Ultraviolet radiation absorbers and/or metal deactivators are also sometimes included to protect the polymer against specific degraders.
EAS system components usually consist of disposable tags, reusable tags, benefit denial tags, deactivators and detachers, and RFID tagging.
Hostanox OSP-i metal deactivator and antioxidant has stronger metal deactivating properties than other metal deactivators.
Two integrated Sensormatic Ultra-Max anti-theft tag deactivators extend the unit's deactivation ranges, reducing false product identifications and scan failures, and improving cashier productivity and throughput.
Some commercial metal deactivators are shown in Appendix B.
Additives include antioxidants, UV inhibitors, hindered amine light stabilizers, acid acceptors, antistats, lubricants, nucleators, metal deactivators, antiblocking agents, optical brighteners and inorganic fillers.
SPECIALTY FUEL ADDITIVES BY TYPE 73 General 73 Deposit Control Additives 77 Detergents 80 Product Types 82 Suppliers 83 Other Deposit Control Additives 84 Cetane Improvers 86 Petroleum Dyes & Markers 88 Antioxidants 90 Lubricity Improvers 93 Corrosion Inhibitors 95 Cold Flow Improvers 97 Metal Deactivators 99 Other Specialty Fuel Additives 101 Octane Enhancers 103 Biocides 104 All Other 105
Lubricant Additives Market: Product Segment Analysis VI Improvers PPD (Pour Point Depressants) Detergents Dispersants Other Additives (Corrosion inhibitors, Metal deactivators, Anti-wear additives, etc.
Specialty fuel additives include deposit control agents, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, antiknock agents, metal deactivators and others.
With such a wide range of antioxidants and metal deactivators to choose from, it is necessary to have a way of comparing their effectiveness in HDPE.
The company's antioxidant/metal deactivators, Naugard XL-1 and Naugard 445, have found a market niche, and a new line of Naugablends is targeted for this new application area.
Installation of 3G NDRF (called "Liberty PX" in North America) antennas and deactivators is planned for the more than 425 Cash & Carry self-service wholesale stores in 28 countries, making it the most international EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) roll out of its kind.
Corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers, antioxidants, and metal deactivators are some of the additives that are added at the refinery level.