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Vagaggini's essay argues that deaconesses were ordained in the sanctuary with a ritual of laying on of hands and exercised both liturgical and pastoral ministries.
It was not a good idea to send out the deaconesses to places of service and leave them on their own.
Yet, as already said, all this we do not have in our hand, and co date we still do nor have a call for mission, not even in America which is familiar for Dettelsau, where all deaconesses whom we have sent there have gotten married.
Sumner spoke, deaconesses who attended the exhibit--some of them in wheelchairs and walkers--beamed with pride.
Deweese's final sections are composed of an examination of women deacons and deaconesses in other countries and the stories of triumph and tribulation of women who have been ordained to the diaconate.
10) From the late fourth to the late seventh century, we have ample literary evidence of a female diaconate in the capital city, and archeological evidence of deaconesses in a number of other areas of the Empire, particularly Asia Minor.
18) Evidence of their continuing liturgical and pastoral roles is provided, respectively, by Constantine Porphyrogenitus' tenth-century manual of ceremonies, which refers to a special area for deaconesses in the Constantinopolitan cathedral of Hagia Sophia (the "Great Church"), (19) and by Anna Comnena's biographical panegyric to her father, the emperor Alexios I Comnenos, who ruled from 1081 to 1118: the princess mentions the emperor's concern to ensure that "the work of the deaconesses was carefully organized" in the church of St.
Deaconesses appeared to hold an official office and were valuable coworkers with the episcopate and presbyterate in spreading the Christian faith.
Due to the socio-gender restrictions of society, deaconesses most likely provided pastoral care to other women.
In the early 1970s, while in seminary, I wrote a seminar paper for Professor Glenn Hinson on the roles of deaconesses in the early church.
The Differences between Women Deacons and Deaconesses
Another development from the circle of women around Christ was that of deaconesses, women engaged in a consecrated way of life, but not ordained, as some people think today.
Some writers in comparing liturgical ceremonies have claimed that deaconesses had the status of ordained deacons.
Here Loehe saw a necessary and important ecclesial responsibility: he wanted to prepare these women as deaconesses for "a female Christian service of charity" (7) toward those in need of care, i.
He wanted the educated deaconesses to be engaged in the congregations as independent coworkers.