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United States film maker remembered for his extravagant and spectacular epic productions (1881-1959)

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DeMille would actually remake his own film with the same title in 1956.
Regularly doing Kegel exercises--squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles--is the best way to strengthen the muscles that control urination, deMille stresses.
By all accounts, DeMille was a deeply religious person, although he did not regularly attend religious services.
DeMille appeared as himself in director Wilder's caustic Hollywood fable "Sunset Boulevard.
Your center of gravity is in the center of your trunk, so having a strong core helps support your center of gravity," explains deMille.
Many of our employees who are key to production and operations will be moving with us, thereby minimizing any potential disruption to service," DeMille said.
Parler d'un film de DeMille sous l'angle de l'art n'est pas une evidence au regard du discours dominant sur le cineaste et ses films, indissocies.
Speaking of top thrillers, Nelson DeMille and Thomas Block's MAYDAY (9781611138375, $24.
Enter DeMille, a director with a penchant for the spectacular, who released the nearly four-hour remake of his 1923 silent film of the same name, this one starring Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Pharoah Ramses II, not to mention Anne Baxter, Edward G.
The team used the molecule strontium monofluoride in their experiments, but DeMille believes the technique will also prove successful with other molecules.
Edward Shuman, John Barry and David DeMille, all from Yale University used an old technique and several new tricks to cool molecules of strontium monofluoride (SrF) to just a few hundred microkelvin.
com)-- Dream Town Realty, a leader in Chicago's Internet real estate industry, has announced that Ramona DeMille is a new member to the company's team of residential specialists.
Behind all of these critically acclaimed cinematic classics is one man - Cecil B DeMille - the flamboyant Hollywood producer/director who almost singlehandedly invented the silver screen epic.
35am) Documentary telling the story of Cecil B DeMille, one of Hollywood's bestknown directors, beginning with a look at his early life and silent films.
35am) The first in a twopart documentary telling the story of Cecil B DeMille, one of Hollywood's best-known directors, beginning with a look at his early life and silent films.