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Synonyms for desalination

the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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Anthony Kufel's letter (Dear Jo, May 2) says he doesn't like the idea of sea water de-salination, as he wouldn't like to drink water which is unfit to swim in.
The regional development category includes: a Middle East Development Plan and a Middle East Development Bank; exploitation of the Dead Sea (including Jordan); a Med Sea - Dead Sea canal; de-salination and other water projects; agricultural development and the prevention of desertification; inter-connection of electricity grids; the transfer, exploitation, and distribution of gas, oil, and other energy resources, presumably from the Arab states to Israel; regional tourism, transportation, and telecommunications development; and other spheres.
The harbour offers all opportunities to the private sector to invest for the setting up cold storage, ice plant, auction hall, storage sheds, de-salination plant, shopping centre, handling of general cargo, oil storage and distribution cargo, warehouses, storage platform, and other ancillary services.
These two trials were done with ocean water to test the de-salination capability, one of the most rigorous tasks of the treatment train.
I read Mr Yarwood's call for de-salination plants (Dear Jo, April 17) with surprise.