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Synonyms for desalination

the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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Sionix Corporation will install a completely equipped Mobile Water Treatment System, which includes de-watering, DAF, filtration, and de-salination components for operation alongside a specific drilling rig.
When upgraded, Llandyrnog will be the first Milk Link site to use new de-salination technology to filter salted whey, which is currently spread on land.
He arrived in the UAE 1992 as a power and de-salination project engineer on a two-year contract "and never went back".
Santa Cruz reported on its water-related activities, including monitoring a local de-salination project and state-wide monitoring of California's water infrastructure.
Water and power supply to KAEC and its population will be generated by two de-salination plants and two power plants, constructed adjacent to the sea port.
Whilst wind energy is well suited to feed into a grid, solar energy can, and increasingly is, used for myriad 'stand-alone' applications as varied as powering traffic signals to providing electricity for major de-salination and water purifying plants.