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existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not

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As the battles rage in industry trade magazines and storage/network conferences over which interface will win, and the noise falls on deaf ears, the user community and vendors will at last realize and accept that de-facto standards will win and the debates will serve little real purpose.
Over 50% of the world's data sits within the last mile and is waiting for a de-facto standard to appear.
NAS relies on two de-facto standards that are driven by operating system considerations.
UbiNetics' 3G Test Mobile, which has become the industry de-facto standard for WCDMA infrastructure testing, will be on display demonstrating its 2Mbps downlink capabilities.
Such convergence is driving DataCore's technology to become the de-facto standard in the management of storage networks.
Softface is the emerging de-facto standard for Enterprise Content Automation.
We are honored that he has chosen Softface to be one of the technology companies under his guidance," continues Olivier Sermet, Softface's President and CEO, "It is a validation that Softface is becoming a brand name and a de-facto standard for content automation.
With several million users in over 80 countries, it is the de-facto standard for remote logins, and increasingly many organizations are completely prohibiting any other form of access to their networks from the public Internet.
The company's SSH Secure Shell application has become the de-facto standard for secure logins with millions of users in over 80 countries.