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existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not

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We hope that in time it will be adopted as a new, de-facto industry standard.
The PMBOK(R) Guide -- Third Edition has not only become the world's de-facto standard for the project management profession, but it has also become one of business' most important reference books.
About MMAV: MMAV verification IP is the de-facto standard solution for modeling and simulating memory and verifying ASIC interfaces to memory.
Pixel is the creator of ISIS, the de-facto standard for connecting high performance scanners to imaging applications using PixTools toolkits.
The Alliance, a driving force for the open availability of de-facto CAD file formats since 1988, previously concentrated on DWG interoperability.
UbiNetics' 3G Test Mobile, which has become the industry de-facto standard for WCDMA infrastructure testing, will be on display demonstrating its 2Mbps downlink capabilities.