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Synonyms for de rigueur

Synonyms for de rigueur

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required by etiquette or usage or fashion

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In a rare departure from traditional tuxedos and formal attire, de rigeur for The New York Pops in Carnegie Hall, the entire orchestra, including conductor Skitch Henderson and guest artists, will be outfitted by the Wrangler(R) brand in authentic Western jeans and shirts.
It was a combination of ballwork, unit sessions, counter attacking and the conditioning sessions which are de rigeur for pre-season.
Ladbrokes: 6 Pique Sous, 12 Suegioo, 14 Simenon, Whiplash Willie, Oreintal Fox, Duke Of Clarence, Nearly Caught, Earth Amber, De Rigeur, Angel Gabrial, Noble Silk, Van Percy, 16 bar | Connections of Telescope have their sights firmly focused on the King George VI And Queen Elizabeth Stakes after his impressive victory at Royal Ascot.
World Cup opening ceremonies are not, thankfully, the multi-million pound spectaculars that have become de rigeur for the Olympics, but there will be more focus than ever on Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte performing the official World Cup song "We Are One (Ole Ola)".
The ante-post market was shakenup as De Rigeur, Well Sharp and Kazlian will also miss the race, while Cool Sky is doubtful.
Collaborative craft beers have become de rigeur, allowing small brewers to share information about style, ingredients and processes, and incidentally brew some very good beer.
At Conkers, though, it's de rigeur to let your children off the leash.
20 for a bog-standard hotdog may be de rigeur in these days of maximising profits, surely ten pence for an extra sachet of ketchup is a bit saucy?
Topics include many that are de rigeur for the genre, including the functioning of the Electoral College and the relationship between the presidency and the media, but the text differentiates itself in a number of more unusual subjects that appear as if they may have been prompted by the course of the George W.
DARTMOUTH, for some time now, has been terribly de rigeur.
THERE are many mysteries surrounding golf, but surely the greatest has to be why spectators think it's de rigeur to wear golf shoes.
Early action by TEI and its members may prevent a poorly formed proposal from advancing or a misguided audit adjustment from becoming de rigeur.
FUNNY how broken feet have suddenly become de rigeur in the football world these days.
It seems to have become de rigeur to be stark naked.