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Synonyms for de rigueur

Synonyms for de rigueur

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required by etiquette or usage or fashion

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No, embezzlement is not de rigeur, but neither is giving one's honest opinion.
Specifically, the most successful students trade actively--a strategy that's practically de rigeur to win a game that lasts only a few weeks or months.
In a rare departure from traditional tuxedos and formal attire, de rigeur for The New York Pops in Carnegie Hall, the entire orchestra, including conductor Skitch Henderson and guest artists, will be outfitted by the Wrangler(R) brand in authentic Western jeans and shirts.
If you're a girl you probably remember it better than us boys as, despite it being de rigeur for tough guy boxers, it was too 'soft' for the young lads at my school.
As is de rigeur, there are two versions - a 40-minute one and an hour-long deluxe edition.
Even at 73, Diamond's ability to command a song in the way that seemed de rigeur in the 1970s has not deserted him, and although Melody Road may not contain another Sweet Caroline or Cracklin' Rosie, there's enough here to keep his legion of fans happy.
Dresses like this one from Kate Moss's Topshop collection are de rigeur in Ibiza.
Ladbrokes: 6 Pique Sous, 12 Suegioo, 14 Simenon, Whiplash Willie, Oreintal Fox, Duke Of Clarence, Nearly Caught, Earth Amber, De Rigeur, Angel Gabrial, Noble Silk, Van Percy, 16 bar | Connections of Telescope have their sights firmly focused on the King George VI And Queen Elizabeth Stakes after his impressive victory at Royal Ascot.
Though smoking is prohibited inside the bar, a pipe is de rigeur, but only in appropriate attire.
WE KNOW it is New York Fashion Week and it is not only de rigeur for celebrities in attendance to take some fashion risks but to also look grateful when a designer offers you one of their outfits to wear to their runway show.
Yes small, ladylike bags are about to be de rigeur so ditch all that unnecessary clutter and carry something pretty.
Collaborative craft beers have become de rigeur, allowing small brewers to share information about style, ingredients and processes, and incidentally brew some very good beer.
Part of the issueand I cannot stress enough that this sort of technicality is de rigeur at Columbiais that the affiliate is actually under the Hillel umbrella.
The inside is every bit the exemplary Audi that is almost de rigeur these days; fit and finish of the highest quality and almost everything positioned exactly where one imagines it should be.