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Alas, this world is woven of chains, and the strongest and most independent character is bound by countless immovable considerations" she wrote to Mme de Stael.
Germaine de Stael, daughter of the Enlightenment; the writer and her turbulent era.
It is appropriate that this book's author begins her exploration of the relationship between creativity and sexuality in eighteenth-century France by focusing on Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun's portrait of Madame de Stael in the guise of Corinne, from the title of de Stael's popular novel, Corinne, or Italy (1806).
The Northern tradition, whose literary and political characteristics were later identified in the works of early Romantics such as Wordsworth and Coleridge and whose literature was judged, for example, by the Romantic writer and historian Madame de Stael as being "introspective, pessimistic, and essentially religious" (Butler 120), linked Germany and England by emphasizing their similar literary qualities.
On the other hand, the Russian Nicholas de Stael, who enjoyed a big international reputation in the 1950s, has been eclipsed for many years.
Renee Winegarten's profile of Madame de Stael appeared in our May issue.
Recasting Persian Poetry is attractively produced, but the press failed the author by an evident lack of copy-editing (among other instances, "Mme de Stahl" instead of de Stael [p.
Cowper's conjunction of sorrowful vapours anal the "unadult'rate manners" of the English, "either starv'd by cold reserve / Or flush'd with fierce dispute," in opposition to "that humane address / And sweetness" which "politer France receives / From Nature's bounty" found an equally sympathetic reception in the writings of Mine de Stael who quotes Cowper's lines in her posthumously published Considerations sur les principaux evenements de la Revolution francaise (1818) in the chapter "De la liberte et de l'esprit public chez les Anglois" ["Of Liberty and Public Spirit among the English"].
Here are the best paintings and sculptures in the exhibition, perhaps the only ones which will be remembered in thirty years hence: Three Picassos, all of very good quality (from Berlin, Hamburg and the Tate Gallery, London), a Leger (Turin), two paintings by De Stael (Paris and Zurich), three by Dubuffet (Brussels and the Guggenheim Museum, New York, and Zurich), a Calder mobile (Cologne), statues by Marino Marini (Hamburg and Munich) and a Manzu (Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Venice).
Her atmospheric expressionist landscapes are also strongly influenced by the work of Nicolas De Stael and David Bomberg.
That colt's sister, De Stael, produced the dual Grade 1 winner Wandesta as well as the dam of Deportivo.
The philosophical and literary ideas of Mme de Stael and of Mme de Genlis.
Durante il soggiorno a Venezia di Corinne e del suo compagno lord Oswald Nelvil nel romanzo di Mme De Stael (1807), la bella poetessa e pregata di recitare in un opera-comique che sta per andare in scena in un teatro privato, e sceglie la parte di Semiramide nel dramma spagnolesco di Carlo Gozzi Lafiglia dell'aria.
She began by asserting that de Stael was, in her "practiced worldiness," completely French, nothing more or less than French.
Myatt also forged works by British abstract painter Ben Nicholson, Nicholas de Stael and Roger Bissierre.