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Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)


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The de Sitter cosmology is a solution to the Friedmann equation for an empty universe, without matter, dominated by a repulsive cosmological constant A corresponding to a positive vacuum energy density, which sets the expansion rate H = [square root of ([1/3] [LAMBDA])].
We opted for Unicenter TNG over point solutions because it provides a more complete view of the IT environment, and more flexibility," said De Sitter.
5 Equivalence in the de Sitter cosmology for an expanding Universe
Although the baby would have low entropy, the total entropy of the system (mother de Sitter space plus baby) would be higher, preserving the second law.
In the evolution of the Universe after inflation, a scalar field describing de Sitter vacuum was supposed to decay and its energy is converted into the energy of fermions and heavy vector-particles (the so-called X and U bosons) [2].
Cautioning his colleagues not to go overboard in their enthusiasm, Peebles recalled the words of a cosmologist of an earlier era, Willem de Sitter, who admonished in 1931 that "it should not be forgotten that all this talk about the universe involves a tremendous extrapolation, which is a very dangerous operation.
Simon De Sitter, Suntech's Director of Benelux, France, Scandinavia and the Netherlands Antilles said, "Thanks to our acquisition by Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd.
We will construct new supersymmetric, asymptotically locally (Euclidean) Anti de Sitter supergravity solutions, and compute the holographic partition function and other relevant observables of the field theory living on the boundary; these will be compared with a field theory path-integral computation, recently made feasible by the technique of supersymmetric localization.
An example of the Casimir effect in curved spacetime has been considered for spherical geometries [11] in de Sitter space [12] and in the background of static domain wall [13].
2) We will investigate non Gaussian perturbations generated during the inflationary de Sitter phase of the Universe by using Conformal Field Theory techniques.
4] of 4 complex dimensions is an 8 real-dim Hyperboloid of constant negative scalar curvature that can be identified with the conformal relativistic curved phase space associated with the electron (a particle) moving in a 4D Anti de Sitter space Ad[S.
When [alpha] = 0, (7) reduces to the empty de Sitter metric, which I write generally, in view of (7), as
Another link in the realization of the big bang model was the Dutch astronomer-cosmologist Willem de Sitter, who suggested in 1917, together with Einstein, the de-Sitter-universe, which was based on the formulae of the General Theory of Relativity.
10] associated with a particle moving in the 5D Anti de Sitter space Ad[S.