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English writer who described the psychological effects of addiction to opium (1785-1859)


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Indeed, judging by Canova's exchange of letters with Quatremere de Quincy on 6 February and 2 March 1816, he probably never knew about the Projet d'echange and had abandoned the idea of buying back his statue almost immediately after making the initial enquiries.
DCL converted the first of three volumes on Architecture compiled by Antoine Quatremere de Quincy, some 3,000 pages.
1 Which comedy actor and quiz show host appeared as Dr De Quincy in Happy Families?
From 1791, following a Revolutionary Decree, the church was converted into the Pantheon to commemorate the Great and Good, a transformation with which Antoine-Chrysostome Quatremere de Quincy (1755-1849) was closely connected.
Laszlo explores the physical and spiritual realities in the first half of this book, while in the last half he is joined by such thinkers as Jane Goodall, Stanislav Grof, Ralph Abraham, and Christian de Quincy, among others, who have all contributed essays that explore the sense of oneness of our ancestors that was replaced by the presumptions of modern science.
Part II consists of two chapters juxtaposing divergent reactions to opium and addiction, first in the case of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who represents the repentant addict, and then in the case of Thomas De Quincy, who represents an apologist for addiction.
Humourless Thomas de Quincy, perhaps because he couldn't do it himself, was funambulatorily dismissive of it in Confessions of an Opium-Eater (1856):
Danahay interprets the Spectre of Brocken as a symbol for both Coleridge and De Quincy of the act of writing, the ghost of the individual writer trying to [dis-]"embody his or her self in the medium of language.
In lighter syle, water has inspired art, notably Lake Poets, Wordsworth, Southey, De Quincy and Coleridge (with Arthur Ransome and Beatrice Potter coming later), it has spawned spa towns and provided leisurej, especially on newly revitalised canals.