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French poet and writer (1810-1857)

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In this atmosphere Jean Renoir, anticipating war and deeply troubled by the mood he felt around him, thought he might best interpret that state of mind by creating a story in the spirit of French comic theater, from Marivaux to de Musset, a tradition in which the force that sets every character in motion is love and the characters have no other occupation but to interfere with this pursuit.
FRESH from completing his first feature film - in which he stars as 19th century poet Alfred de Musset - Peter Doherty is back on the road for a lengthy tour that includes Leicester Academy on May 4 and Birmingham HMV on May 14.
Sand smoked in public, wrote novels and racy memoirs, wore men's clothes and had a string of lovers, including the poet Alfred de Musset and Frederic Chopin, plus a number of younger men.
Influenced by Alfred de Musset, George Sand, Victor Hugo, and Charles Darwin, whose theory of natural selection he applied to Parisian life by focusing on the role of heredity on the individual, Zola developed his naturalistic style in the late 1860s.
He was influenced by the French Romantics (Chateaubriand, Alfred de Musset, Lamartine) he read in his youth.
That too proved disastrous, as Louise found when she paid him a call and was told by the concierge that the poet had left her the message, "Monsieur de Musset has gone to Lake Como, in America" (geography was not de Musset's strongest subject
Alfred de Musset, the elegant French writer, pictured himself once as the droll Fantasio while James Joyce - and is there anybody more famous in 20th century literature?
ST Mark's Square - the only true square in Venice - was called "the drawing room of the world" by poet Alfred de Musset.
And as the years pass, the devotion Jim inspired, in life and in death, will begin to seem quaint, just as the pilgrimages once paid to Chopin, de Musset, Bernhardt, and other stars of old who test here in Pere Lachaise seem quaint to us today.
Organized into four chapters which are further subdivided into extremely short sections (two to seven pages each), her book traces the complicated route of the evolution of romanticism in the works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Southey, Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset,William Wordsworth, and others, and then the post-romantic poetics of, primarily, William Wordsworth, Theophile Gautier, Mathew Arnold, Alfred Tennyson, and Oscar Wilde.
According to this heavy-breathing biographical romance ``Children of the Century,'' the tempestuous affair between French writers George Sand and Alfred de Musset wasn't your typical amour fou; it was amour foufido
Prosio, instead, prefers to side with those critics that place Thovez in the circle of late romantics alongside the name of Alfred de Musset.