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aristocratic Italian family of powerful merchants and bankers who ruled Florence in the 15th century

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Hughie Morrison's Cosimo de Medici should have no fears about the marathon distance having run in the race twice before.
Campaigned mostly over middle distances in 2010, Cosimo De Medici got his chance over two miles at Goodwood in May of last year and made no mistake with a neck victory.
The pin is thought to belong to Catherine de Medici, who was queen consort of France from 1547 to 1559.
The 35-carat gem was worn by Marie de Medici at her coronation as Queen of France in 1610.
Morrison was clearly impressed by what he saw from Bianca De Medici on her sole Fibresand outing in April, when she showed up well for a long way in a 1m handicap (traded at a low of 1.
Murder of a Medici Princess" tells the true story of Isabella de Medici, the controversy surrounding her murder, and the story of her life.
This is a fine balance to art histories that only see Lorenzo de Medici as a magnificent patron and ignoring the intrigues and plots that kept him in power and made the art possible.
Cascades" - CAS-TSX) announced today that the merger of the recycled boxboard operations of its European subsidiary Cascades SA and Reno De Medici S.
THE Raphael painting of Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino and ruler of Florence from 1513 to 1519, was one of only a handful of paintings by the artist to remain in private hands.
To tell the story of Catherine de Medici's childhood and young adulthood, Meyer has to tell of Florence in the 16th century, of the de Medici family's influence there and in the papacy, and Catherine de Medici's connection to France.
6 million Reno De Medici ordinary shares in the form of either all newly issued shares or a combination of newly issued shares and the existing treasury shares (the "Merger") - Future potential combination of Cascades S.
3) Medici, 7: "Ed era tanta la nostra grandigia, che si dicea: 'Tu sse' com' uno de Medici' c ongni uomo ci temea c anchora si dice quando un cittadino fa una forza o ingiuria altrui: 's'egli il facesse a uno de Medici, che si direbbe?
To be fair, that's how all penalized in the scandal perceive things -- this is the land of Machiavelli, remember, and the hazy, mazy ways of doing business would make Catherine de Medici blush.
1581: The first major ballet was staged in Paris, at the request of Catherine de Medici.
Catherine De Medici, Queen Regent of France, implicated in the death of four of the Scottish delegates for the return of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the St.