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French royal architect who built the Tuileries Palace and Gardens in Paris for Catherine de Medicis (1515-1570)

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After seven full years in Cebu filled with success, love, friendship, crazy parties and the ties that bind, the De Lormes decided to pick up and move again, this time to Myanmar.
Ao analisarmos o comportamento da PAS nao encontramos diferencas estatisticamente significativas entre os metodos, porem com a observacao que no Metodo Oxford a reducao deste parametro se deu abaixo dos valores de repouso, enquanto no Metodo De Lorme o mesmo comportamento nao foi observado, o que poderia levar a discorrer sobre a possibilidade de que neste metodo a Hipotensao pos-exercicio pode ser um fator importante na determinacao do metodo para a prescricao de exercicio para hipertensos.
21) Voyages de Mr le Chevalier Chardin en Perse et autres lieux de l'Orient, 10 vols (Amsterdam: Jean Louis de Lorme, 1711), VI, 232 (spelling modernized).
His listing of Victor Hugo's frantic stage directions for Marie Dorval in Marion de Lorme is very funny indeed, and a brilliant idea.
Philibert de Lorme, Son Oeuvre a Saint-Denis, Vincennes, Fontainebleau, Anet, Paris: Le Tombeau de Francois Ier.
The defense of freedom and the cult of an idealized Napoleon in such poems as "Lui" and the ode "A la Colonne" brought Hugo in touch with liberal writers on the newspaper Le Globe, and his move toward liberalism was strengthened by Charles X's restrictions on the liberty of the press as well as by the censor's prohibiting the performance of his play Marion de Lorme (1829), the story of a courtesan purified by love.
24C Founder and CEO, Scot De Lorme, stated, "Jones Soda provides an incredible opportunity for the 24C brand to compete on a national level in this growing new category of beverages.
Espace technologique immeuble Discovery route de lOrme aux Merisiers
Its interior is shabby chic gone funky, a tongue-in-cheek setting of Shanghai in the 1930s individualistically envisioned by its decorator, French painter and furniture maker Delphine de Lorme, a Cebu resident.
Shaikh Hassan, riding Dong Hoi De Lorme, was joined in first place by Ali Essa Jawad on Al Khalidiah Aberdeen Road and Sami Ghazwan on Fairooz.
Friday: Detroit City (Triumph Hurdle), Lord Of Illusion (Gold Cup), Harbour Pilot (Foxhunters), Bambi De Lorme (Grand Annual).
From the physiologies of the 1830s and '40s, to Hugo's Marion de Lorme, Balzac's Les Splendeurs et miseres des courtisanes, Maupassant's La Dame aux camelias, Maupassant's La Maison Tellier, the Goncourts' La Fille Elisa and Zola's Nana, the prostitute took her place in the French cultural consciousness in a form almost entirely mediated through the imaginations of male writers and painters (Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gervex, Degas).
The shops represent a who's who of the luxury textiles arena -- Yves de Lorme, Anichini, Sferra Bros.