Rio de la Plata

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an estuary between Argentina and Uruguay

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The Paraná river and the de la Plata river estuary are the main influence on the area's hydrological regime (Mujica, 1979).
The Bonaerense Lower delta islands are formed by the accretion of silts transported and deposited by the Paraná river in the de la Plata river.
Unit B, downstream from A and locally referred to as forest nucleus, has a transitional hydrology between the fluvial influence of the Paraná river and the tidal influence of the de la Plata river.
Unit C forms the front of the delta and is subjected to direct influence of the tidal and eolic tides of the de la Plata river, which range from 1 to over 3 meters during strong southeastern winds.
The Puerto Madero neighborhood is a collection of corporate office buildings that went up in the 1990s along the banks of the Rio de la Plata River.