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Recto said she was supposed to speak after Sereno, but De Castro, who had testified in the House impeachment hearings against the Chief Justice, abruptly took the podium to reprove the Chief Justice.
There was a grave injustice done to the applicants because of what they did to Sereno at that time,' de Castro said.
De Castro was accused of violating Section 3(e) of R.
En cambio, los ultimos veinte anos han dejado paso a una perspectiva critica que se ha enfocado de manera meticulosa en la funcion ginocentrica que la poesia de Castro cumple, tal como nos explica Wilcox: ".
Henrique de Castro only worked 15 months at Yahoo after coming over from Google in November 2012.
This AGRI committee will not accept any delegated act that goes beyond the legislative texts," De Castro warned.
20 ( ANI ): Yahoo's now Ex-COO Henrique De Castro is reportedly said to take home a paycheck fatter than that of the company's CEO Marissa Mayer.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 14, 2013-Target Corporation elects Douglas M Baker Jr and Henrique De Castro to its board of directors(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
16 -- Henrique de Castro, who worked at Google as the vice president of Partner Business Solutions Group, is now a part of Yahoo, where as chief operating officer, he will be tasked with managing global sales, operations, media and business development.
Hunger as taboo in literature and science and the struggle of Josue de Castro
Some Considerations On the 'maestros de hacer breviarios y escrituras de molde' Juan de Bobadilla and Alvaro de Castro (1483)
Como hay que tomar las declaraciones de Castro en torno a las elecciones mexicanas de 2012?
Manila Erstwhile Philippines vice-president Noli de Castro will return to radio broadcasting after spending nearly a decade in government service.
Los Angeles-based bandleader/pianist Paul De Castro displays his multiple talents as composer and arranger in this new production titled Bueno Pa Gozar.
Summary: DUBAI - Twenty-two Filipino domestic helpers, who had run away from their employers in Dubai, and 24 Filipinos, who were either abused by their sponsors or stranded in Damascus for various reasons, were flown to Manila on June 3, courtesy Philippine Vice-President Noli de Castro.