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Cuban socialist leader who overthrew a dictator in 1959 and established a Marxist socialist state in Cuba (born in 1927)

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No obstante, al contextualizar el presente acercamiento a los lugares comunes del mundo de habla portuguesa en la obra gallego-castellana de Castro, (1) no se podra dejar de lado la imponente presencia del "Rexurdimento" gallego.
According to Cnet, former Googler Mayer had hired De Castro for Yahoo offering a fat contract, which was touted as the biggest golden parachute packages ever.
Following discussions with indigenous organizations, civic groups, and universities, Villa Talea de Castro, 15 km from Oaxaca City in the Sierra Norte, agreed to participate in a project sponsored by several universities, civic organizations, and the Congreso Nacional de Comunicacion Indigena, which is committed to promoting the right of indigenous communities to acquire, administer, and operate their own means of communications.
It's strange to get both batfish and robin arriving at the aquarium at the same time," said Mr de Castro.
Williams translates into English, annotates, and transcribes a little-known text pertaining to a well-known Judaizer, Maria Francisca Ana de Castro (1687-1736), who was prosecuted by the Peruvian Inquisition for a decade.
Mr Antonio Monteiro de Castro succeeds Mr Peter Burnell who remains the Chairman of the Company.
Romeu de Castro, president of the lower league Brazilian club, Sadd, who spends the off-season in the UAE as an intermediary between players and clubs of both nations, said of the proposed: "It's a risk for Sharjah.
Summary: DUBAI - Twenty-two Filipino domestic helpers, who had run away from their employers in Dubai, and 24 Filipinos, who were either abused by their sponsors or stranded in Damascus for various reasons, were flown to Manila on June 3, courtesy Philippine Vice-President Noli de Castro.
Jorge de Castro Font pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges that could send him to prison for more than a decade, reports AP (Jan.
We would have to eat seven kilos of mozzarella in a day" to constitute a potential health problem, said industry official Carlo Cannella, who accompanied de Castro in the cheese-eating news conference.
De Castro (computer and electrical engineering, Catholic U.
Three Contemporary Brazilian Plays is a compendium of three great dramas by Plinio Marcos, Leilah Assumpcao, and Consuelo de Castro.
Lauderdale office as an associate, de Castro joins the firm as an associate in the Miami office in the corporate department where he will concentrate his practice in the areas of federal, state and international taxation, and international trusts and estates, as well as domestic and international business transactions.
de Castro studied 867 individuals who completed detailed food diaries over a 7-day period.
de Castro acknowledged that total food intake is affected by many variables, and the pattern of daily intake is only one of them.