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Dr Karl-Friedrich Rausch, member of the DB Management Board and chairman of the Passenger Transport Division, said: "We will now be operating large-scale passenger transport outside of Germany.
Leveraging its expertise in streamlining the processing of paper-based information gained in building vital record and electronic document management systems, MASI upgraded software code using Sybase PowerBuilder and Oracle DB Management tools to meet Denver Health's requirements for improved accessibility, accuracy and usability of the system.
Invitation to tender by the European public procurement under the procedure for WML on the technical application of SAP, in conjunction with the OS / DB management.
Reality has extended the standard Cold Fusion tags with a suite of advanced tags such as Blowfish encryption, general DB management wizards, and overall site statistics.
Karl-Friedrich Rausch, member of the DB Management Board: "We will continue to develop our role as an eco-pioneer".