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any of numerous perennials having tuberous roots and long narrow bladelike leaves and usually yellow lily-like flowers that bloom for only a day

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Daylilies are a fast growing and easy to care for plant that comes back every season and proliferates without any assistance.
Paler daylilies are often at their best in the late afternoon and evening - many of them exude sweet scent and are visited by nectar-hungry moths.
When the daylilies are well established, it may be noticed they have less 'flower power', but their performance can be improved by dividing them into fan-like sections and replanting them elsewhere in the garden.
Daylilies are extremely hardy, vigorous-growing members of the lily family.
In extolling their deliciousness, I feel I should offer this caution: some people are allergic to daylilies and react to them with vomiting and diarrhea, especially when eaten raw.
June brings the fragrant-rich flowers of peonies, carnations, daylilies, Jupiter's-beard, valerian, sweet alyssum, mignonette, heliotrope, and the rich bounty and beauty of roses.
You will need petals from 6 to 8 daylilies to cover all of the rounds.
Today, 3000 acres of annuals, perennials, biennials, and native flowers bloom on North Carolina's roadsides, including daylilies, pink muhly grass, corn poppies, dame's rocket, lanced-leaved coreopsis, purple coneflower, narrow-leaved sunflower, and bidens.
Among the plants covered are orchids, bromeliads, night-blooming daylilies - shouldn't these be called nightlilies?
The power of a name is also being used with the development of hybrid daylilies.
daylilies about 2 years ago--a fungus that had never before been seen in the Western Hemisphere.
Among the creative recipes you'll find Curried Daylilies, Wild Carrot Croquettes, Sesame Rice with Stinging Nettles, Fiddleheads Almondine, Wisteria Sourdough Pancakes, Wild Garlic Salad, Black Locust Vanilla Pudding, and so much more.
Additionally, he has designed nearly 2,000 pieces for Bath and Body Works and also develops hybrid daylilies in his one-acre garden.
Homeowners in Somerset have planted their rain gardens with redosier dogwoods (Cornus sericea), ornamental grasses, and daylilies, all of which take up the excess water, along with the pollutants.