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a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents work

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He lauded the Punjab government on setting up state of the art day-care center in the campus.
The day-care center will provide social and rehabilitation services to children with disabilities.
It's unclear who will take control of the leases held by LACA, but Ohl said it's likely the institute will retain the same day-care centers and employees.
Premiums are up 10% to 30% for summer camps, day-care centers and nursery schools, but the price increase is more a function of the hard market, poor investment returns and other emerging risks, rather than the sexual abuse allegations.
According to the lawyers, Chibikko-En, operator of a chain of day-care centers, and Masamitsu Maekawa, president of the company, admitted that placing two babies in one bed had caused the accident and said they will stop the practice.
Barto, who works for the center in the Kadena Air Base, took the girl from a separate day-care center in Gushikawa at 9 a.
As a result of "good intentions" and obedience to divine orders, untold suffering is inflicted on innocent, powerless children in many mainstream Christian homes, schools, and day-care centers.
To make ends meet, she lives with a family in exchange for night-time babysitting - an exhausting activity after eight or nine hours at the day-care center.
A second suspect was arrested in the pickup truck that deputies had followed as it pulled up in front of the day-care center on Rancho Vista Boulevard at 25th Street East, deputies said.
A new corridor was created from underused nursing home space on the first floor, helping to connect the nursing home and a new adult day-care center to the assisted living facility.
Both policies, Gold Coast Advantage and Gold Coast Advantage Partnership, are tax-qualified and provide coverage for care rendered at home, at an adult day-care center, in a residential-care facility or in a nursing home.
According to the national after-school day-care center association, there were about 380,000 children at 10,976 after-school day-care centers nationwide as of May last year.
Ridge, joining preschoolers and their teachers at the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg day-care center.
In its new day-care center is placed in the school for kindergarten, primary school primary school (0-6), high school, special school, sports hall and central kitchen.
The boys died July 8 when Smoot left them unattended, strapped in child-safety seats, in the SUV for more than five hours outside her Lancaster day-care center in 100-degree heat.